Holiday 2016

Festive Footnotes ✮ Gabi Mulder

For more of Gabi, you can follow her on Instagram or visit her blog, Oak & Bone. 

Name: Gabi Mulder // @gabimulder

Location: Bryon Bay, Australia 


Gift List: Flights to New York for my best friend who lives in London, to show up at my door, paragliding tickets, a road trip to the centre of Australia, and flights to the Maldives. 

For the last festive footnotes, here is my dear, dear Aussie friend, Gabi Mulder. If you recall, I met Gabi back in October and we shot these beautiful photos together during a classic New York morning in Central Park. Gabi has since returned back to her home-base of Bryon Bay, but still gives me endless incredible and thoughtful advice over a few thousand miles... the power of Facebook Messenger! (-;

Gabi's photography is the perfect mix of dreamy and adventurous, making you feel that you're right there as she snaps away, whether it be on a secluded beach in Australia, a vegan cafe in Brooklyn (she is vegan as well!), or an early morning up in the mountains.

Festive Attire of Choice: swimwear with an oversized, white button-up over the top. Aussie summer attire.

drink of choice: a mango smoothie

Activity of Choice: Ocean swims

White or Sandy Christmas: Sandy (of course!)


Favorite holiday song: I hear those Sleigh bells

Favorite holiday movie: Elf!

Favorite holiday tradition: Playing board hames with my family by the pool, after a big christmas lunch.

Favorite holiday memory: two years ago, i spent christmas at my friend's lake house in the south of france. it was my first ever experience of a white christmas so that will always remain super special.(-:

Festive Footnotes ✮ Lilli Van Hall

we have three more installments of f-squared to go, so we are really in crunch time as christmas rolls around. for the beginning of the end, we have Miss Lilli VanHall today. Lilli is a ModelFit instructor, writes a blog called HappyGoLilli, and is stunning  inside and out. I met Lilli over the summer when I developed a true, but healthy, addiction to her ModelFit class on Thursdays at 6.30. Ever since then, I've been following Lilli over social media and she radiates happiness through each and every post (which is hard to do these days), plus gives plenty of #hashtag athleisure inspo. 

be sure to follow Lilli here and check out the past Festive Footnotes. 

Name: Lilli Van Hall // @lillivanhall

Location: New York City / Los Angeles 

Dream Gift: quality time with the people I love

Best Unconventional Gift: Moon Juice in New York

Gift list: I'm not overly into Gifts, I prefer time spent with my family & showing my gratitude to having everyone healthy. 

Favorite holiday song: favorite things from sound of music 

Favorite holiday movie: Home Alone 

Favorite holiday tradition: Cooking with my mother & learning about how family history 

Favorite memory: I always love dinner at my grandparents place in Rye, NY

Festive attire: grey cashmere sweater 

Drink of Choice: water ! 

Activity of choice: I love the outdoors, so a nice hike ! 

White or Sandy Christmas: either! Usually white 

Unconventional Gifts | n.2

Here is a list of gift ideas that require little online shopping, and a nice dosage of creativity provided by yours truly. Happy gifting! 

Need a few more ideas, check out last year's post. 

>> A classic concert for your parents, or best friend? Head to for a list of concerts in your area

>> A travel basket full of goods from the reciever's favorite place. Korean beauty products? English candy? French clothing? What about including a plane ticket for a jaw-dropping surprise..

>> R-eprocess old film photos into a digital disc for parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles

>> On the contrary, a film camera is great for anyone who is constantly taking photos.

>> What about purchasing an old issue of their favorite magazine? I gave my brother a New Yorker that was published on his birthday back in the 50s. Visit e-bay or etsy.

>> If you are blessed with artistic talent, I think a painting or a work of art is always a win-win

>> If you are gifted chef, what about a mason jar of cookies? Or a cake-in-a-mug? Y-u-m.


Festive Footnotes ✮ Erika Bearman

Dream Gift: White Land Rover Discovery 1998 or 1999

Best Unconventional gift:  a lady’s slipper orchid from Miles Redd when my daughter was born, a gold lighter from my husband for my first Mother’s Day

Festive attire of choice: Oscar de la Renta black lace bodysuit

Drink of choice: Tequila

Activity of choice: cocktails by the fire with my husband and our daughter

White or Sandy Christmas: White Christmas

Gift List: Jonathan, Electra, and all of the babies at Room to Grow 

the next installment of festive footnotes is a special one.

Erika Bearman- formerly @oscarprgirl- is not only the queen of eclectic and wickedly cool style; think crops tops & ball gowns or dramatic fur coats & a NYY baseball cap, but also takes on the role of being a consultant to brands like Flagpole (who just launched a special collection with ODLR) and of course, mother to adorable, one-year-old Electra. 

I originally crossed paths with Erika four years ago, while working on a ODLR project and have since stayed in touch with her. As I have come to know Erika over time, I can firmly say she is one of the coolest people ever... and I'm not kidding. I have yet to come across anyone who is equally intelligent, funny, kind and rock that "cool-girl" attitude as well as Erika does.

Name: Erika Bearman

Location: New York, NY

Social Media Handle: @erikabearman

Favorite holiday song: every Frank Sinatra one

Favorite holiday movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

Favorite holiday tradition: singing Barbara Streisand’s Jingle Bells with my brother

Favorite holiday memory: my husband always surprises me with our Christmas tree. I’ll come home one day and its just there, with lights. 

Festive Footnotes ✮ Edith Young

NAME: Edith Young // @edithwyoung

Home base: Manhattan

Drink of Choice: City Bakery's hot chocolate

Activity of Choice: The Park Avenue Tree Lighting and Carol Sing. 

White or Sandy Christmas: All in favor of snowmen.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 21.49.20.png

Festive attire of choice: A pair of these Ugly Christmas sweaters I designed so that my brother and I could match. (Full design here)

Gift List: The Anna Karlin Studios glass carafe from Coming Soon NYC, these sock monkeys at the Aspen Art Museum designed by a textile designer I know from RISD, Lisa Anne Irwin, Everything I Want To Eat: the Sqirl LA cookbookPollini Desert Boots in blue, anything by Buly 1803


all photos via Edith 

welcome to the second round of festive footnotes. for this installment, I'm featuring the lovely Edith Young. I've been following Edith's work for a little bit and not only does she have a great eye for film photography and creative direction, she also works at one of my favorite companies, Outdoor Voices. Some of her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Cherry Bombe magazine, and on Into the Gloss. If you want to learn more about Edith, you can check out her website here & her stellar Into the Gloss profile. 

one more note, the timing for today's post couldn't be more ideal. Edith and I finally met for the first time yesterday at Ralph's Coffee. For being a first time visitor to the RL coffee shop, the zealously festive 5th avenue certainly was the best backdrop to the already aesthetically pleasing coffee shop. 

enough about coffee, please enjoy Edith's profile. 

Favorite holiday jam: Pretty Paper by Roy Orbison, but really all of it. 

Favorite holiday movie: The Family Stone

Favorite holiday tradition: Cranking up the Christmas mixtape the day after Thanksgiving.

Favorite holiday memory: Picking out the Christmas tree with my dad

Dream Gift: I field a lot of questions about which cameras are best to buy. I received my favorite camera, a Hasselblad, as a gift via this vendor on Etsy who has a robust collection of film cameras and accessories. Lot of dream gifts for people far and wide in that web store! I'm looking forward to shooting more movies on super 16mm and 8mm film. 

Best Unconventional Gift: My closest friend from RISD, Elizabeth McAvoy, is an industrial designer and she once sewed together a stuffed lobster for me which was really thoughtful and beautifully made. 

December Mixtape & Moodboard


During November, my calendar was hopping, so out of sleep necessity, I skipped last month's m^squared post. Don't fret my friends, because we are back up and running, bringing you a fair dosage of moodboard-ing and a very special holiday mixtape. Instead of droning on and ending up repeating myself, let me just say that I have a fair share of festive content coming your way over the next 24 days. To start off, did you see the launch of my latest series, "Festive Footnotes"? 

As for the mood this month, we have those reds for the festive touch, but no doubt, paired with neutrals of navy and worn cream. Blush has also made a return - being the ideal partner in crime to the festive red. Graphic t-shirts, piled high gold jewelry, and red accents are all I'm about right now.

To wrap things up (lol, love a good Christmas pun), here is this month's special mixtape to get you in the mood for this season. A complete (and pretty damn good) compilation of my favorite songs.

+ Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney

+ Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

+ Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys

+ Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by U2

+ Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms

+ Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry

+ Carol of the Bells by Peter J. Wilhousky

+ It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year by Andy Williams

+ Jingle Bells (ft. The Puppini Sisters) by Michael Bublé

+ All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

+ Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon

+ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Barenaked Ladies