Claps for Favorites

First, my sincerest apologies for the sporadic posting this week. I've been running all over the place, jumping from state to state, and barely finding the time to sleep. Spring Break, you say? Simply counting the minutes till I'm on the beach in the hot Caribbean sun. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. 

Secondly, considering Spring is teasing us with warm days then proceeding to slap us with snow, my sartorial game is currently off its rockers. Everyone is struggling with weather confusion, so share some sympathy as I continue to wear the same sweatshirt for just ONE more day.  That brings me to my current favourites. I like to think that the items deemed favourites, don't necessarily have to be worn religiously, but are being shown some extra special love.

1. Zara leather jacket.  This baby is the definition of an oldie but a goodie as it was one of my OG Zara purchases. Never fails to bring some badass to any outfit. I'm looking to add another (vegan) leather jacket to the collection soon...digging this one.  Yet, nothing will ever rival my one & only from Queen Z. 

2. Superga sneakers. Thinking it is time to take a separation from my Stans, as the soles of them are slowly falling apart. Personally, Superga kicks have never really done it for me, greatly prefer clean white kicks, but it has been a refreshing pep in my step. I'm also eyeing these red bad boys from Vans. Sneakerhead never dies. 

3. Ray-Ban sunglasses. I've been switching between the round Ray-Bans and the classic wayfarers like hot cakes. Simply cannot decide which pair shall stand on my metaphorical pedestal but my Lennon style is currently pulling ahead simply for their radiating cool factor. 

4. Hermes silk bracelets/chokers . Talk about a forgotten soul of Sloane's wardrobe. My parents have given me these Hermes silk and charm ties over the past several years and it has built up quite the collection. I went through somewhat of an anti-jewelry phase during the fall and briefly into the winter, until I whipped out these from my jewelry box. Since then, you can find them either on my wrist or for something a little quirkier than normal, as a choker. 

5. J.Crew hat. Sadly this Panama hat has gone to hat heaven. That's why I was spending some free time trying on hats after hat. Hats are back, who knew? As much as I love the Panamas and fedoras, forever supporting the baseball hat. 

Before closing this post, I had to share some beauty products that have been saving my skin 

1. Toners. My poor skin has been going through hell and back, especially with the flip-flopping weather and these toners are the only things keeping it in check. I prefer to use only natural products on my face as my skin is unpredictable when it comes to trying new things. Witch Hazel is savior, in addition to this new product from Tammy Fender. 

2. St.Tropez Shower Self-tanner & Jergens Instant Sun. I'm always on the market for trying new self-tanners that won't turn me into an oopa-loompa and are foolproof in terms of zero streaks and zero mess. I've tried two this week. The St.Tropez in shower self-tanner is decent but a major emphasis on the GRADUAL. I am a decently pale person and after two uses, the color was barely there. I popped into the drugstore for a backup and behold, Jergens coming in clutch. I'm using the Jergens Instant Sun moose in Deep Bronze and it hits all the stops; zero streaks and no oopa-loompa-ing. 


Welcoming the final look of my mini denim series- if you like, you can see the other two looks here. If you thought the finale was going to be big and grand, well, sorry charlie that is not just the way I roll. I didn't let you dow though, as sometimes simpler is better. In hindsight, nothing is more cozy than slipping on a soft, oversized sweater with a pair of jeans. But, when you are taking the simple road, attention is due in the details; silky choker, personalized bag, feminine flats. 

My three rules for getting the most out of your jeans.

1. Don't wash them often. They tend to break in more and fit your body better.

2. Learn to dress them both up and down. They'll become a game-changer for every season.

3. No two pairs are ever the same. Especially with vintage. So, treasure one pair until you stumble across the second superstar pair. 

Jeans: Reformation (repurposed 501s), Sweater: Boast, Jacket: Mango, Choker: Hermes bracelet, Ring: Asha by ADM, Shoes: Chanel

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Back to Black


Greetings from Miami... I'm finally blogging after one long & stressful day of traveling on Sunday and a day (or two depending on the time of reading) of training on the water. Short story, I'm pretty tired, hence falling into bed at 9.30 pm, followed by passing out in the next 30 mins. 

I know, you truly loved that mini life update. Let's return back up north to New York City for this classic look of all black.

All black is like the roots to my sartorial tree. Majority of my looks revolve around one or two black pieces that can intertwined into all seasons and locations as I'll be showing you in an upcoming post. I highly suggest investing in a 1) a dope pair of black denim, 2) a soft knit, and of course, 3) a LBD (or two, or three). You won't regret it and as they say.... or just me... black always has your back. 

Knit: The Reformation, Denim: Mother Denim, Shoes: Stubbs & Wootton c/o, Belt: Hermes



Photos by Becky Siegel 




Sailor Does Staples

Wearing: Asos coat, Levi jeans via The Vintage Twin, Vans sneakers

The Coat:



The peacoat is the first essential in S.D.S. Asos quality is top-notch and the price point can't be beat. Or you can make more of an investment like J.Crew.

A while ago, I thought of a unique idea in regards to my fall wardrobe and outfit posts. Sharing my personal style with you all is one of my absolute favorite aspects of this digital space, yet I hate repeating the same looks over and over again for the obvious reasons. 

That leads to my brand-new project: Sailor Does Staples. It all began with a serious closet over-haul that resulting in me coming to the conclusion that I own a whole lot of crap. Post wardrobe clean out, I assessed what I owned, and what I wanted/needed. That list is the focus of Sailor Does Staples. I'm only purchasing 15 new pieces for this season- keep in mind, I've already pulled the trigger on about seven of them. Of course, a few high-street and impulse purchases will pop up here and there, but you still get my main point. 

The importance of building a core wardrobe will not only save you a serious cha-ching, but will also allow you to wear clothes that you feel confident and kick-ass in all the time. 

With this series, you'll be seeing pieces more than once (side note: all I can think about is "outfit-repeater" from The Lizzie McQuire movie) and that's the point. To give you relatable sartorial inspiration in the form of editorial. Over the next two months, I hope to help you build a core wardrobe and embrace your staples. 

To shop each staple, see above. x

On The Road Again...

Wearing: The Reformation dress, Madewell denim jacket, New Balance sneakers (more colors here)

A classic Sloane outfit of neutrals, denim, and sneakers (only missing some stripes....). Two layers of long sleeves seems slightly uncomfortable in the hot and humid city heat, but guess what kids?!

This girl is getting out of the heat once again. 

No, I'm not going to the Arctic. This weekend, I'll be road-tripping up to Camden, Maine with Lark Hotels. It will be my first time in Maine, so I cannot wait to explore the area. And you know it, layering works in Maine weather (well, according to

Photography by Becky Siegel