The Five

To kick off Monday, here are five things that hold somewhat of a relevance in my life right now. 

1. Outdoor Voices

I drank the kool-aid that is Outdoor Voices. Officially quitting the Lululemon way of life, and switching to OV 100%. To start my personal collection of Outdoor Voices, the firsts are these leggings and their signature "Doing Things" baseball cap. I'm never not doing things, so it is a match made in (atheleisure) heaven. 

 2. The Super Serums

Once again, Glossier created bottled magic. My skin has been drinking up both Super Glow and Super Pure like no tomorrow. I'm firm on believing that the Supers are nothing but goodness in a vile. 

3. Eddie Vedder

Great study music. Pop in some earbuds and listen to his Into the Wild soundtrack. Shoutout those Pearl Jam fans as well!

4. Crosswords

What I like to call brain food. Jump at it, nerds. 

5. Gran Hotel

SUCH A GOOD SHOW (!!). It's the Spanish version of Dowton Abbey, but set up a hotel (ca. 1910s)  and with simply gorgeous actors


September Moodboard & Mixtape

Praise! REJOICE! The hot and steamy is coming to an end and I'm in a fall state of mind despite what informs me.

Ignorance is bliss. 

Soon enough though, the weather will balance out my lust for leaves and sweater weather.... wow, I have problems. On the sartorial side of my wild brain, I have been dreaming of a high neck meets fisherman knit, perhaps in a deep blue or a mustard? I've been scouring the interwebs, but I have come to think that the vintage route is the best way. Come October, I'm imagining these "sweaters" (aka a fixture of my dreams) paired with Outdoor Voices leggings for the dreamiest errands outfit known to mankind.

For the general vibe, I tend to veer into the classic prep lane when Autumn rolls around. It feels right to stick to more traditional clothing with droplets of rock and roll mixed in. 60s prep meets 70s hippie is forever my aesthetic. Quite a strong one, mid I inject. 

In the ears and on the speakers is tons of old school rock and roll; Rolling Stones, Ramones, Beatles, Eagles. Their music is made to sound best live, so be sure to click those when searching on your musical channel of choice. For me, it's Spotify. And you can listen to it all, here, in my Autumn 16 playlist. 

My other current crushes are the following: Outdoor Voices everything, Glossier's new super serums, my new leopard coat, cauliflower rice, hot coffee, and the holy grail of Whole Food's oatmeal: gingerbread. 

What a time to be alive. 



Face-Time | Beauty Bag

A while ago, I asked you all what you wanted to see more of and the general consensus? Beauty. I've dabbled in a few makeup/skincare etc. related posts before, but normally I avoid that area as some days, nothing goes on my face except for moisturizer. 

Honesty hour: I forgot how to put on liquid eyeliner up until about a month ago.... shame. Oh, and most mornings, make-up is applied in the car. #g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s

As I'm always on the run from school, sailing, working, gym, etc. makeup can become quite a hassle. Much as I wish I could wear no makeup for the rest of my life, that wish isn't going to come true unless some real Disney magic is worked on moi. Above are the products I rotate through the most that can deliver what I call my "full face" to a barely there look that actually has, barely nothing there. 

As I don't think any of you lovely fellows out there need help in regards to a barely there look, I've included what is a middle ground between the two looks. For an example, this is what you see in blog photos, and so forth. Coolio? Awesome. Keep reading. 

See the rest of my beauty posts here.


FACE: Glossier moisturizer | Glossier skin tint | Kat Von D bronzer 

- Most days I either wear the Glossier lotion or just a light oil 

- Followed by the Glossier skin tint. If my skin is oily that day or I need more coverage, I'll go on with one of the CoverFX products

- To bring back a glow, Kat Von D bronzer is the best. 

EYES: Maybeline mascara | Maybelline brow gel (not pictured)

- First, I clean up my brows. Truth be told, I only do this step when I have extra time or know I need to "clean-up" a little more. (;

- A swipe of mascara does the trick. For those who are wondering, I only wear eyeliner when I'm going to a real fancy-shmancy event, otherwise I just curl my lashes and follow with mascara.

LIPS: Marc Jacobs lip color 

- My holy grail!! I haven't used anything else for the past two years. Golden. 


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs