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After spending 72 hours in my bed sick as a dog, I would do practically anything to be back in Key West. The land of crystal clear waters,  Southernmost everything, and a bubble where every Jimmy Buffet song could be seamlessly piped into the atmosphere, Key West is a beautiful, slightly cliché, oasis within the United States. Only going down for the day... it's a long-ish drive btw, I was bummed not to explore more of the Old Town, but my short visit still was able to capture everything the last and certainly not least, Key has to offer.

If you are also missing heavy dosages of Vitamin D (oh and Sea as well!), then I hope these snaps bring a little sunshine to your screen. Or at least help beat the prolonged holiday blues... lord knows we all are still suffering... (-;



Biscayne Bay Lighthouse

Wearing: Outdoor Voices crop, Vintage Levis, and Ray-Ban sunglasses

I apologize for being away from social media and my blog the past few days. At my school, the junior class does a three-day retreat where we are given the chance to unplug from digital media and our phones, which are normally attached to our hands and glued to our eyes. Never in a million years would I think I would enjoy being away from technology, but it was incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating to not be checking my accounts, texts, emails throughout the day. As you all know, I speak the truth around here, so I truly, truly recommend doing a digital detox for a few hours, a day, or a weekend. Whatever floats your boat. 

Now, we must work through the photo overflow and backed-up blogposts I have in store. To begin on Christmas Eve, my family and I went across Biscayne Bay over to the Key Biscayne Lighthouse. I love, love visiting lighthouses; even more so when you are able to go the top (always in search of that killer view). Key Biscayne Lighthouse has 360 views of Miami from the infamous last houses of Stiltsville aka the OG Floridian Hippy Dream to the beaches of Key Biscayne, downtown Miami in the distance, and Coconut Grove across the bay. 

For those who are interested in visiting, it costs $10 to park your car, which gives you complete access to roam the park, visit the lighthouse, take a dip, or whatever you please.

Since I was coming right from the water, I kept my get-up super simple with my favorite cutoff shorts, an Outdoor Voices crop, paired with an oversized, white Reformation tee over... obviously not shown here. I hope you also excuse my messy, salty hair. When in doubt, embrace the ocean's free of charge 'do. 


Merry Christmas // OOO

wishing you all a, slightly belated, but nevertheless, very happy and merry holiday- for whatever you are celebrating. i'm currently down in miami and will be taking in a brief OOO state until the 31st.

take this time to be with friends, family, your dog, the barista at your favorite coffee shop, or by yourself watching Love Actually because why the hell not!?

plenty of new content with be rolling in with 2017, so be sure to follow along. 

see you at the end!

Sailor's Travels | Miami, FL

Sailor's Travels | Miami, FL

I tend to joke that I'm a walking travel agent. Actually, not really joking. The amount of time I spend researching places around the world (that are on my "I Want To Go To There" list) is slightly concerning, but at the same time very helpful, when it comes to planning a trip, um essentially, anywhere.

In all travel agent jokes aside, I'm finally presenting my Miami travel guide. You've seen the outfits, the vlog, and the views, so it's finally time to close up this party. Let this be a resource to anyone and everyone who is visiting the 3-0-5. Bookmark, screenshot, take notes, whatever floats your boat.

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Two Is Better Than One

Don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy… only experiencing deja-vu. I’ve been on a serious hunt for a new white sundress after growing out of one from St.Barths eons ago. And as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Hence, it led to purchasing this Tularosa number in white


This is where the deja-vu comes in. I already own it in black- remember seeing it a ton over the summer? So, why not add another to the collection? A versatile number, as well. 


And as another old saying goes, two is definitely better than one. 


Dress: Tularosa (on sale), | side note: I ordered one size up in this dress because it shrinks a lot after being washed... keep that in mind when ordering (: