Clare Vivier

Paisley Legs

Wearing: Zara pants & top, Clare V clutch, Soludos shoesBauble Bar earrings, Ray-Ban shades

Sloane, "your 70s is showing". 

But honestly, what else is new? I go from hard core norm core to Woodstock reincarnated each week. I refuse to pick between the two.

I initially planned on wearing birks, but thought that was just a smidge too much, so went with Soludos (that have a hidden platform... can you say killing the game?) These wide-legged flowy pantalons are the ideal option for when shorts are not in your favor. So, when that time comes blast some 70s tunes- preferably ones from Woodstock and work those pants.

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs



Ends of the Rainbow

©Bruno Dubreuil-288.jpg

Wearing: [1st look]  Madewell button down, Topshop lace shorts, Clare V clutch, Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban shades [2nd look] Minkpink romper (under $50), Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban shades 

Ever wondered what my closet looked like in a nutshell? Well, here ya go. Last weekend, I did the dirty deed of spring cleaning my closet- at 2 am no less- and I ended up color coordinated my wardrobe. The result? I own a lot of black, white, and navy. Don't worry, I have a small (emphasis on the small) area for the few oddballs of the rainbow.

I hate to sound like a broken record but when traveling, your good ol' friends, black & white can save you tons of room in your suitcase. Of course, I'm not some sort of chromophobian... last time I looked denim and navy counts as color. Not to mention, mirrored shades? Filing those under the more vibrant end of the rainbow. 

With that, I'll be talking more about my denim shenanigans next week.


It's been one hella week from this side of the screen. Enjoy your weekend, e-friends. 

 Photos by Bruno Dubreuil 

Packing List

Madewell hat [$75]Solid & Striped swimsuit [$150]James Read tan lotion [$34]Soludos shoes [$65]Faithfull dress [$120]Zimmermann romper [$395]Clare V tote [$199]

If you didn't catch on from my hashtagTBT Insta post,  I'll be returning to my favorite island in a nine days. As I'm 100% finito with wearing turtlenecks and fleece up to my eyeballs, you can only imagine the bottled up excitement of purchasing clothes that happen to be filed under: sun and sand.

But the party doesn't stop there. I also have been keeping something else under wrap in addition to my upcoming trip. Next week, big changes will be coming to Sailing the Sea of Style. And by changes, I mean bigger than the big bang theory changes. Okay, okay, let's not get too carried away there. Even though things will be switched up, don't you worry, little 'ol me will still be typing away behind the screen.

Before you go and shop some sun ready pieces, I need some help from a few readers. Email me at

SLOANE.C.K@GMAIL.COM to get the scoop of why I'm recruiting you.

Until then you know the drill: sun's out, guns out.


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Red Handed

Wearing: Zara sweater,Madewell jeans [diy-ed],Manolo Blahnik heels [borrowed],Clare V clutch

Starting this Monday with a bang and my new favorite color, cherry red. When Fall rolls around... uh, today, my wardrobes simplifies to a handful of curated pieces. 

You caught me (red-handed). #punnyfunny

This sweater? Impulse buy from that cunning little Spaniard- go back to Friday to catch my drift. An oversized knit paired with light wash denim and a ladylike pump is should I say, the ideal juxtaposition for September sartorial selection aka "the tedious task of getting dressed in the wee hours of the morning" 

But back to that nonsense of curated pieces. It isn't a complete white lie, folks!! This weekend I lived in 6 pieces: two jeans,one stripe,one sweater (25% off),one sneaker, and one slide-on. Mind you, my weekend consisted of Netflix and homework... party hard?I plan to break out my cherry red jumper once again, fluffiness, color and all next weekend. 

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


Wearing: Zara crop top,Asos culottes(last worn here),River Island loafers,Clare V clutch 

It's inevitable to go through any season change and not title at least blog post with the word or any word somewhat similar to transition. Face the facts here people.

Despite the sky rocket annoyance of it, I can say without a doubt that summer to fall, is one damn hard time. Especially when coats and layers are playing sartorial mind games on you.

But, let's get real. Anyone who is whipping out fall attire in 90 degrees should get their head checked out.  I'm shocked on how I managed to wear pants (erm, culottes) when it was hot and humid last Saturday for some NYFW meetings and events.

The key: popping into AC as often as possible and hoping for the best.

To keep the summer side in line, my trusty white crop top did me well to beat the heat. I cannot say the same for these loafers though... as cute as they are, the blisters are not. #bandaids4days? Oh yes.

Ph. 1

Bella Conte

| Ph. 2

Shoes of NYC

Odd One Out

Wearing: Zara top,Heidi Merrick shorts c/o- last worn here,Adidas sneakersClare V clutchJules Smith choker- on sale!

The combination of summer and leather seems incredibly daunting, in the sense that a) you will swelter in the hot and humid air or b) it's just plain uncomfortable. But.... stepping outside the box is where the creativity is found. Taking a once a fashion don't into a must do is the only way to create an outfit that hasn't been reblogged on Tumblr one million times before, if you know what I mean.

 Once you get past the strange idea of wearing leather (in my case, vegan leather) in hot July, double leather is an interesting take on the classic summer sartorial formula of a tank top and shorts. These Heidi Merrick shorts were a match made in heaven for a spur-of-the-moment Zara purchase. (Who are we kidding? All Zara purchases are sporadic!) 

Call me crazy or the odd one out in a sea of linen, but I'll happily be wearing leather until we hit that 90 degrees mark, then I'll be sporting linen.

But, until then.... 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

 / Shot in the East Village, NYC