Central Park

Central Park Daydream

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Animal print, loafers, and middle parts? It's a Love Story induced daydream sans the plethora of tears. It was also my exact inpsiration for this shoot with my new Aussie friend, Gabi. Not only is Gabi one of the sweetest souls I've ever met, but she is wickedly talented. So, I happen to geek out a little bit when I cross paths with people a la Gabi; plus it is the cherry on top when your ~creative~ visions align. Any who, post-snapping, we walked around the park and worked our way to Columbus Circle in search of food. With coffees and lunch in hand, we topped the afternoon with a picnic style lunch and great conversation. 


I like to think that days like these are the ones that I'm living most in the moment .As I like to say to my friends, the best moments in life are the ones that have no proof.


Wearing: Asos coat, Zara turtleneck, The Vintage Twin jeans, Madewell loafers- very similar, and Ray-Ban sunglasses (on sale!)


Building Blocks

Ever since launching my series "Sailor Does Staples" back in early fall, I've noticed that I've become much more conscious of my sartorial choices and so forth. I pay much more attention towards the pieces both in my closet and when I'm shopping. But, it can seem as quite contradicting as fashion is known to be expressive and spontaneous, not microscopic and formulated. But, I've found that being more aware of my attire as actually led me to play around with items and sport quirkier details that I would never before. 

Yep, you read that right. Sloane, is wearing "quirky" items. Now, you may continue on. 

Being formulated is not boring. It is actually the exact opposite. Like the foundation to a home or any sort of creation, it is essential to expansion and growth bigger and better things- similar with a wardrobe. Now, within my closet, I have a curated selection of pieces that I know look great and won't fail me. (I will be releasing that list later this week). They have become my wardrobe's foundational blocks. Remember those wooden blocks you had as a kid? In order to play a great game, you had to build the world first. Once that world is built, the fun truly begins. 

Sweatshirt- The Reformation (more graphic sweats here), Denim- Asos (I swear by these), Boots- Asos (such a steal!), Coat- Mango (super old), Bag- Angela Roi, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Photos by Haley Carrere

Wonderful Time of the Year

It is currently 10:13 pm on Tuesday night, as I type this post for tomorrow. Today (or in my current case, tomorrow) is the un-official start to the holiday season. The city is in grid lock, people are preparing for the first family gathering, gift lists are swarming the inter-web, invitations are popping into our mailboxes, and a giant cloud of Christmas hangs over us as we anticipate the hectic month ahead.

And like always, it is the start of the most wonderful time of the year. There is never a day from Thanksgiving to NYE that you'll find me angry, nor will I be sporting anything but festive attire. The Home Alone soundtrack is prone to be on full-volume throughout my house, along with me singing an arrangement of carols. Despite the inevitable stress that comes hand in hand with the holiday season, admit it. You love the hustle and bustle of it all.

Don't you? You can't fool me. 


Coat: Asos (worn here), Top: The Reformation, Pants: Asos, Boots: Rachel Zoe (these Sam Edelman pair are awesome, and these French Connection pair as well) , Shades: Ray-Ban

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Work it Out | II

Wearing: Nike top, shorts, and sneakers 

A little fitness inspiration for this weekend. 

Earlier this week, I went to the workout class, ((305)) Fitness. It's a HIIT workout-meets-Miami dance party that kills your muscles, yet is loads of fun. Trust me, my legs are so sore, but I can't wait to return to the blood pumping atmosphere of blaring music and flashing lights. They have two locations: NYC & D.C.... hit one of them for a killer workout.

Oh, and wear neon. Loads of it. 

Paisley Legs

Wearing: Zara pants & top, Clare V clutch, Soludos shoesBauble Bar earrings, Ray-Ban shades

Sloane, "your 70s is showing". 

But honestly, what else is new? I go from hard core norm core to Woodstock reincarnated each week. I refuse to pick between the two.

I initially planned on wearing birks, but thought that was just a smidge too much, so went with Soludos (that have a hidden platform... can you say killing the game?) These wide-legged flowy pantalons are the ideal option for when shorts are not in your favor. So, when that time comes blast some 70s tunes- preferably ones from Woodstock and work those pants.

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs