Lace Limbo

Wearing: Keepsake the Label top, Levi denim from The Vintage Twin, Jack Roger sandals

The infamous awkward stage of switching seasons has begun. As I transition my closet over, pieces like this are essential as you don't want to be dressed eskimo style in sweltering heat. 

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

Trot to Turkey

Wearing: Zara sweater(last worn here),New Look skirt- great deal! ,Stuart Weitzman boots (budget-friendly option),Ray-Ban sunglasses


Thanksgiving is this week. And Christmasis in about month. 

Let that sink in for a minute... wasn't just September? Time flies when you're having fun, eh?

As for when Thursday rolls around, this mini plaid skirt won't exactly cut it, considering food is a main factor of the day- and a intense game of Clue. Whilst this sweater- which also has a makeshift hood- is #1 winner. Or a jumpsuit . Perhaps a onesie? (#yolo?) 

Any who, returning to the schoolgirl look once again. 

Photos by Emily Malan, Edited by me


Second Time Around

Wearing: RES denim overalls- 60% off, (splurge option),T by Alexander Wang t-shirtStan Smith sneakers,Jules Smith choker,Ray Ban sunglasses

Last time I took a spin in overalls it was nearing 90 degrees and the rule of the time was: less fabric; the better. I was also wearing short overalls that slightly resembled the 90s child "play time" outfit of choice. In that summer post, I shared my thoughts on how I've warmed up to overalls and attempting to avoid farmer status. And you can see it has gone quite well...

Tomorrow's high is 40 degrees and well, shorts don't exactly fly anymore. With winter right around the corner- throwing shade to Mother Nature-bundling up is the normal for the next five months. Enough of me blabbering on about the weather- hit up weather.com for the latest updates on Polar Vortexes and all that jazz.

Returning to the topic of seeking overalls, I've come to find a great long pair that are the answer to all my farmer meets runway aspirations. With the help of sand paper and a pair of scissors, a little distressing roughed them up to my liking. If you're anything like me the sight DIYs scares you away but after distressing two pairs of jeans, it is much easier than imagined. Poke some holes in the knee, a little sand paper here and there, fray the ends... easy peasy. I would recommend not splurging on overalls unless you plan on wearing them everyday. 

To sum up today's post: 1) It's beginning to get very cold. 2) Second try with overalls was a success. 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Furry Fix

Now, I am not sure when it became socially acceptable to wear fur (real or faux) in perhaps the oddest and most unconventional ways possible. Since the fashion world has given us the most outlandish trends, we create, dare I say, levels, that separate the "ok, I can wear this" pieces from the outrageous stunts that we call clothing- being pulled not just on the runway, but the real life concrete catwalk (otherwise known as fashion week).

To begin, enter the furry accessories. Before you get your knickers in a twist, slippers are still socially acceptable to be as furry and cozy as you please. But, there is a fine line between slippers and shoes with fur. Should I bring up the horrid boot that every girl owned in 2006? Yes, I am thinking of the Ugg... which by all means should stay circa 2006 and not return. 

Let's switch to a more runway-focused take on fur. This eccentric return of fur has two masterminds: Fendi & Celine. When the Italian powerhouse introduced an

army of furry buggies

, it gave a quirky twist to the classic keychain. Who doesn't want a furry creature hanging off your bag- am I right or am I right? Industry favorites like Anna de la Russo and other street stars had new best buggies dangling off their baguettes, no less. On another end, the minimalist mastermind, Ms. Phoebe Philo took a trip to the 90s and returned with a fur lined slide, otherwise known as a furkenstock. With a cult-like following, the fur-line iterations were soon being worn on every fashion insider's polished foot.

Well, don't you fret with fashion's growing norm core, this isn't the time to complain about sweaty feet or a child confusing your Fendi buggy for a toy. We all can wear fur not just in the winter. To sum things up here, you can decide if these furry fiends fall under your own important ranking of: wearable or nah? At least in my opinion a fur-lined slide paired with jeans and a t-shirt doesn't sound too out-there, yet, for someone who prefers a simplistic black bag, the buggie seems like the Fendi's own tamagotchi.

So, are you in the furry fix or is a fur-lined hood just enough for you? Do share. 

Always Return

 Wearing: Maje dress (sold out, similarhere,here,), Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes (old,similar)

Back to my dearly loved stripes. 

 Even after my frolics with florals- still love 'em- stripes are hands down my number one. My current favorite- the pinstripe- takes this shirtdress to another level of menswear done well.

I digress, I failed to sport this red white and blue number over the holiday weekend, but as I've been told my family and friends, I'm quite the Americana chick. So, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a walking flag a majority of the time- often lacking red (hey! blue & white are the only two colors I wear!)

Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs

Garden Party

Wearing: Zara playsuit,Shoemint booties (similar), Celine bag,Ray-Ban sunglasses

Summer is filled with soirees, and ya know me I'm no Fancy Nancy. Playsuit plane has taken off and trust me, isn't landing anytime soon. I keep trying to convince my angsty and stubborn self to expand my wardrobe of essentially onesies, but we're going no where with that idea. 

Once again, Zara has saved me and my closet full of zero dresses with this party playsuit. And... shimmy two three four. The bell sleeves and open back channel my inner hippie chick and my good 'ole black booties give edge- plus, plenty of comfort. Of course for those beach side- and garden- parties, sandals and barefoot vibes replace concrete ready booties. 

Garden party aside, florals girly things up without turning me into a Pink Princess. Perhaps it's the casualness of playsuits or the booties, but this outfit is filed under:

Wear all Summer.Forever a flower child.

Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs

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