Blue Jeans Forever

Wearing: Madewell denim jacket, Brandy Melville sweater, Levis shorts, Birkenstock shoes

My one and only: denim. I've fallen deep into the rabbit hole of blue jeans and don't think I'll be returning anytime soon.

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Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Ends of the Rainbow

©Bruno Dubreuil-288.jpg

Wearing: [1st look]  Madewell button down, Topshop lace shorts, Clare V clutch, Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban shades [2nd look] Minkpink romper (under $50), Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban shades 

Ever wondered what my closet looked like in a nutshell? Well, here ya go. Last weekend, I did the dirty deed of spring cleaning my closet- at 2 am no less- and I ended up color coordinated my wardrobe. The result? I own a lot of black, white, and navy. Don't worry, I have a small (emphasis on the small) area for the few oddballs of the rainbow.

I hate to sound like a broken record but when traveling, your good ol' friends, black & white can save you tons of room in your suitcase. Of course, I'm not some sort of chromophobian... last time I looked denim and navy counts as color. Not to mention, mirrored shades? Filing those under the more vibrant end of the rainbow. 

With that, I'll be talking more about my denim shenanigans next week.


It's been one hella week from this side of the screen. Enjoy your weekend, e-friends. 

 Photos by Bruno Dubreuil 


Wearing: Faithfull the Brand dress, Ray-Ban shades, Not pictured: Birkenstocks


Aye, about time to get these St.Barths snaps rolling in. It feels like ages ago that I was in the islands, thus some digital fueled reminiscing is needed. I hope that you don't mind that the next hurdle of posts will be sun, sand, and the tropics. (;

As I like to say, the Aussies always do it better, and  Faithfull the Brand continues my Aussie appreciation streak. This shirtdress was right up my alley of girl-meets-boy style. Or as I like to put it from the nickname I was dubbed over vacation, "boy without pants".... you win some, you lose some. 

Despite my nickname I have garnered from overwearing shirt dresses, I'll be sporting this Faithfull number- city style- more as warmer weather hopefully dons upon us. 


Photos by Bruno Dubreuil 

Coastal Cruising

Wearing:The Reformation top- similar,American Apparel skirt,Birks slides,Saint Laurent bag,

With a summer full of plenty road trips up to Rhode Island, or in this week's case, Shelter Island, I've been taking some retro hints from the summers of great style. Semi-matching separates preferably paired with birkenstocks and a wide brim hat, almost brings you back into the good old days.

This cropped collar shirt can be taken from beach to concrete in the matter of minutes [of a quick-change or switch of footwear]. And my mother would be so proud of me for wearing a hat- the rareness is sky high in this case. 

As a nod to the title du jour, some coast to coast action will be happening next month. Any contenders of guessing where I'm heading next?

Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs

The Best of Lazy Dressing

Wearing: Brandy Melville tops (old), Zimmermann silk shorts-last worn here,Birkenstocks,Saint Laurent bag-smaller version,Wanderlust & Co. bracelets 

Cue to the scene of a hot and humid day complete with sticky ice cream dripping down my hands and limbs. Last weekend, Alexandra recommended Van Leeuwen's in the East Village. Complete with a perfect people watching bench- you know you do it too-  it was the perfect break in a busy day.  More on the ice cream no less, I rarely stray away from my tried & true favorite of chocolate, but a vegan mint chip just sounded heavenly. If you guys follow me on social media, my strict self-enforced rule of "eat it, don't tweet it" was broken with this failed snap via Twitter. I am planning on creating a city guide on my favorite places very shortly. Perhaps a part mostly of ice cream? Oh yes, be ready for it.

A lazy relaxed uniform of loose tanks, silk separates, and birks has become my formula for days when the humidity sky rockets. As much as I would rather wear overalls or a more stylish assemble, this whole pajama dressing vibe is working for me quite well. 

Pajama dressing & ice cream? Sleep deprivation at its best. Blame it on Laser sailing.

Photos by

Alexandra Gibbs

Return of the Slides

For awhile, I


this odd thing against slides. Maybe because when I thought about slides, I thought of


wearing Birkenstocks. As much I love those 70s vibes, that was pushing it just a smudge too far. But since then, they are quickly growing on me. I first purchased

these Joie sandals

 and then these 

Topshop sliders

. Both have been on a proper routine- kicking those converse to the curb (with the pun, no less). I've converted to the slide and ride life- who'd would have thought?

I have still haven't made that jump to


- similar to my thing with overalls. But soon my friends, so I will venture into Birk-land. Shop below some slides that work no matter your style.

And I cannot forget my dad in this Birks situation. He was way ahead of the trend for this one. Beat me to it.

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