It's a Picnic Party

About time I got a new post up on here! It's been way too long and apologize for the absence.

I feel like I keep saying that every post, but I promise things will be running smoothly once my junior year is finito. Now onto the good stuff:

I had to quickly show this incredible skirt that I scored from Asos (I mentioned it in this post!). Normally I'm not the gal who a) goes for the midi skirt and b) desires to resemble a picnic blanket. Buy, hey, I surprise myself every day. Since shooting these photos (which are pretty spectacular, right?), I actually brought this skirt to the tailor in order to remove the top ruffle to tone down the skirt a little bit and make it less voluminous. Sadly, I'm not an Amazonian goddess, so the less volume the better here. 

Okay, okay. 

Confession time now.I purely bought this skirt for 4th of the July weekend. If you didn't already know, I LIVE for the 4th and any chance I get to share my unwavering patriotism through sartorial decisions, I run all the way clad in red, white, and blue.

I also just really love this skirt. Truth.

Wearing: Asos ginhgam skirt, Vintage denim jacket, Zara knit, Meli Melo bag, Gucci loafers (some secondhand options here), ASHA earrings


Little Red Hoodie

Oh, athleisure. You shook up the fashion industry and brought comfort to the impractical. 

I will debate the pros and cons of incorporating god forsaken athleisure apparel into one's clothing arsenal until I'm blue in the face. Trust me I love comfort just as the next person, but denim always wins over leggings. On the other hand, hoodies are a whole another story. It's the sportier sister of the cableknit in my eyes and most definitely the favorite of the moment. While a no-brainer pre and post workout, it is also best paired with a handful of classics. I personally recommend Gucci loafers, or something of that sort, to induce confusion of others on why the hell you are pairing a hoodie with loafers. The answer? For the sake of fashion, of course. 

Wearing: Urban Outfitters hoodie, Zara denim (old), Asos coat (old), Gucci loafers



Animal Instinct

It's been quite some time since I have done a proper outfit post in this neck of the woods.

There is no other way to put it, but life has been more hectic than ever and time is fleeting friends! Because of the heaps of school work and playing catch up from being sick, my free time is not spent sitting on my laptop, but out and about in the world. I'm fully aware of my adjusting schedule and I promise to not less this area of my life falter anymore than it has been. To keep you in the loop, content will be changing around here. I won't be posting as much- simply because I cannot keep up with my normal 3x a week- but the quality will skyrocket through the roof to make up for the lack of, well, my face. Instead of traditional blog posts, the preliminary plan is to produce more digital stories... think more in-depth writing, design, photography. For 2017, I want my blog to paint the best picture of who I am and what I believe in, so let's get going!!

Now, before you depart from my corner of the interweb, this outfit (and another one coming later...) are examples of how to work summer pieces into your winter sartorial playbook. When the cutoffs are less beachy and more structured, they totally are cut out for milder days when paired with funky toppers, boots, and of course, a thick turtleneck.

Coat: Asos, Shorts: The Vintage Twin, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Sweater: J.Crew


In the Clear

The winter boat has finally set sail and we're turning the corner to Springtime with some heat (literally and figuratively). Closing the door with my final cold weather look that features my biggest sartorial staples- white t-shirt, black jeans, and a great handbag. A few weekends ago, I had to pull out my winter topcoat from the cedar closet has 30 degree temperatures dawned upon us. Lucky to say, it was a one time deal and yesterday... I pulled out the OG denim cutoffs for the first time this season. My friends, we are on a straight line path to summer season. 

And with that, Sailor Does Staples: Summer Edition is launching May 1st. 

Wearing: Asos jacket, Mother jeans, Zara t-shirt, Vince shoes (older, similar here), Alexander McQueen scarf

Photos by Sophia Wilson 

Teddy Bear Talk


My love/hate relationship with faux fur has been going on for far too long. I either feel like a teddy bear or some super chic Parisian babe. Please note that I feel like a Parisian babe.... I can assume I look more like a stuffed animal. I'm never able to fall smack down in the middle of... teddy bear chic? 

I'm not thinking about my constant fur dilemma anymore. Well, at least until the next winter as I'm counting down the days to sweet Spring dawns upon my internally cold self. 

Topshop faux fur coat (old), Reformation denim (see my denim series here), Asos turtleneck, Converse sneakers (love the all leather ones!), Ray-Ban sunglasses (budget friendly option)

End of an Era

Remember this post here? My thoughts on the great debate on to tight or no to tight those legs when the weather isn't all fine and dandy AKA above freezing? Well, here is an example of "to tight". Ankle boots and bare pale legs aren't the cutest of couples, so it is better to dive all in and channel Wednesday Addams meets your sartorial digs. To finalize this lesson, when the tights work they work. 

But, hopefully that era is coming to a close soon since tomorrow is um... MARCH. Sitting, waiting, wishing for that sweet spring.

Dress: Tularosa (worn here and here), Jacket: Brandy Melville, Boots: Asos, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban