Wearing:Asos button down , Topshop sweater , Asos jeans (distressed by me), Somewhere Sunday sunglasses via Alekka, River Island loafers (old)

After a winter full of wearing turtlenecks and jeans on repeat,I began to grow tiresome of my established said uniform. I like to think it as a sartorial version of cabin fever? As the core pieces don't exactly change, little things like layering a collared shirt underneath or ditching the boots once makes somewhat of a difference. 

My preferred option of spicing up threads, is not threads itself, but sunglasses. If the suns out- scratch that- when it's not raining, you bet a bottom dollar that you'll find sunglasses glued to my face. If I'm not wearing my trusty aviators (or my sailing shades via Kaenon), I will be in mirrored frames. Despite, having other mirrored aviators, these futuristic glasses take the cake. (plus, Back to the Future slash mad scientist vibes are real). 

Photos by Alexandra Wolf