Nailed It

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When you first meet someone, unless their smile is as dazzling as one of those Hollywood actors, or their hair is perfectly un-coiffed coiffed like Jane Birkin, studies have proven that we, human beings, look at their hands first. A good plenty of young and nifty people have banked on first hand impressions by taking nail polish to the next level of 3D designs or for the more tame bunch, nail art. Why do for flowers when you can get diamonds, right. 

Oddly enough, throughout my life thus far, my nails have been a topic of choice around the dinner table. Throughout my years in middle school, my angsty twelve year old self, received more warning slips for wearing nail polish, then say not completing my homework. But the nail polish endeavor does not end at the land of pre-teen girls and plaid skirts. My poor mother nags me, mostly during the summer, when my polish has chipped down to scraped edges of polish pasts. 

I digress. My chipped nail polish days are behind me for the most part- note the latter of that statement. As of late, I've been sharing my nails du jour on Instagram- shameless promotion is a b*tch, and it has gained a decent amount of attention for me to write this post. So as I type away, with what else than fresh blue nails, I'd like to state that I've never worn red nail polish, and odds are with never. Shocking? I have nothing against the blood-red color except that I feel like my nails are in fact, bleeding. Oh the irony of those polish names. 

But before I get to the name, I'm faced with a wall of an overabundance of colors. I tend to go for cool tones of blue/purple or nude/white. During the winter I choose anything from a dark navy to a nude, then during the warmer months, white or a light blue is the normality.  Despite the fact that an innovative manicure is the hottest thing on the market, I tend to stay away from nail art and all that jazz. On the contrary, I do go for gel manicures as their last power is longer than my music library (i.e. long). Who would think that nail polish can launch a flood of thoughts from my brain all the way down to my now, chipped tips.