'Tis the Season

On me: Vineyard Vines lounge pants c/oVineyard Vines shep shirt c/o, Sperry Top Sider x J.Crew boots (this year's version) On Reid: Vineyard Vines lounge pants c/oVineyard Vines sweater c/oL.L. Bean boots, vintage Barbour jacket

Oh, oh, oh, ode to joy. 

Before I begin another Christmas story, may we begin with declaring how Town & Country- esque, Reid- my brother, if you are new around here- and yours truly look. As I've learned, there are four vital characteristics of looking like you stepped out of a holiday shoot OR a Ralph Lauren ad, if ya know, are attending a black tie ball this evening or apres-skiing somewhere out West.

Now, these characteristics you might ask. Perhaps the most important yet underrated one of all, a dog. Yes, a living, breathing, hyper d-o-g. After all, it is a doggy dog world, and we're all just living in it. To go along with your four-legged friend, running. Not Usain Bolt, sprinting a mile a minute running, but a more nonchalantly casual jog in the great outdoors "run". Your hair should also be blowing in the wind, and smile. Please, you do not want to see outtakes from this post. Onto numero 3, you might ask, where are we running with a dog? The great outdoors, I answer. Preferably with snow on the ground and whilst it is snowing. Because you must look like you live in a snow globe on a regular basis. To round out the list, the clothes. It always comes back to the clothes. And what isn't  more festive than matching plaid, boots, and Barbour?

Under the tree this year? Vineyard Vines sweaters, loungewear, and shep shirts. Trust me, those will become your most worn pieces from December 24th-31st. Then, we go to Nike... uh, for a day. 

'Tis the season to living a Christmas ready life all day, everyday. 

I will spare you a story today, but you know where to find me whenever you would like a jolly good tale of Christmas past.