Holiday Drink

Ok... confession: I am no kitchen connoisseur,  but I still like to experiment with some things, like my own spin on a holiday drink. It's a great take on a spicy/chocolate tea, but much healthier and to say the least, you know what the ingredients are.. 


- boiled water 

- 1 cup of almond mink- vanilla optional

- handful of semi-sweet/dark chocolate chips

- pinch to a teaspoon of cinnamon 

- 2-3 drops of stevia French Vanilla sweetener 

- 1 tea bag of pumpkin spice


- boil water at 375* F

- In a separate saucepan, melt chocolate chips until they are a smooth mixture

- Add in the almond milk with chocolate 

- Stir milk and chocolate until they evenly mixed together

- By now, the hot water should be steaming... soak the tea in with a pitcher or right into a mug

- In the saucepan, add cinnamon and sweetener to the mixture

- Boil until color has darkened

- Mix the almond milk mixture with the pumpkin spice tea in a mug (it should be 2/3 parts milk, 1/3 water)

- Stir and enjoy!