Furry Fix

Now, I am not sure when it became socially acceptable to wear fur (real or faux) in perhaps the oddest and most unconventional ways possible. Since the fashion world has given us the most outlandish trends, we create, dare I say, levels, that separate the "ok, I can wear this" pieces from the outrageous stunts that we call clothing- being pulled not just on the runway, but the real life concrete catwalk (otherwise known as fashion week).

To begin, enter the furry accessories. Before you get your knickers in a twist, slippers are still socially acceptable to be as furry and cozy as you please. But, there is a fine line between slippers and shoes with fur. Should I bring up the horrid boot that every girl owned in 2006? Yes, I am thinking of the Ugg... which by all means should stay circa 2006 and not return. 

Let's switch to a more runway-focused take on fur. This eccentric return of fur has two masterminds: Fendi & Celine. When the Italian powerhouse introduced an

army of furry buggies

, it gave a quirky twist to the classic keychain. Who doesn't want a furry creature hanging off your bag- am I right or am I right? Industry favorites like Anna de la Russo and other street stars had new best buggies dangling off their baguettes, no less. On another end, the minimalist mastermind, Ms. Phoebe Philo took a trip to the 90s and returned with a fur lined slide, otherwise known as a furkenstock. With a cult-like following, the fur-line iterations were soon being worn on every fashion insider's polished foot.

Well, don't you fret with fashion's growing norm core, this isn't the time to complain about sweaty feet or a child confusing your Fendi buggy for a toy. We all can wear fur not just in the winter. To sum things up here, you can decide if these furry fiends fall under your own important ranking of: wearable or nah? At least in my opinion a fur-lined slide paired with jeans and a t-shirt doesn't sound too out-there, yet, for someone who prefers a simplistic black bag, the buggie seems like the Fendi's own tamagotchi.

So, are you in the furry fix or is a fur-lined hood just enough for you? Do share.