La Vie

Wearing:Jacquemus t-shirt,Heidi Merrick shorts c/o, Chanel flats, Céline tote, Ray-Ban shades

Possibly my favorite impulse buy ever from fresh French designer,Jacquemus. The 90s inspired poppy prints and color-blocking added a refreshing twist to my wardrobe of the norm-core neutrals and such. Accessories from my other favorite Frenchies (Phoebe and Coco) refine my Saturday strolling duds. Because j'aime la vie and we should should live a little. Isn't Jacquemus right? Aha, oui. Last weekend, Amy gave me a mini tour of the West Village. I'm excepting to move into an ivy covered townhouse asap- perhaps this one here and a bike too. K, thanks. 

On the topic of color sporting and loving life, today is Prize Day and I'm wearing pink. Oh yes,Barbie pink. Don't fret kids, tousled locks and layered metals are also involved in the situation. C'est la vie!

Photos by

Amy Stone