Anguilla Photo Diary | II

If it's not obvious by now, my favorite time of the day is the sunset. No matter where I am- whether it traveling or home, I love watching the sun fade away into the horizon. It's a little part of the day to reflect as vivid colors adorn the sky before nightfall. Because, I will never be a morning person (hey, girl needs her sleep), the sunrise is out of the option. But, I am not complaining. Especially since I've seen some pretty beautiful sunsets- I've documented my fair share of them via













To be honest, one of the best sunsets I've ever seen was on an airplane; let me tell you, it was quite the view.

I'm highly considering writing a book about the best sunsets around the world.... Anguilla would near the top of that list, don't you agree? Until then, I'm dealing with today's rainy weather.

Le sigh, we will never win when it comes to the lovely Mother Nature.

Have a great weekend. x