Beauty | Soft Waves

Rarely, I talk about beauty on the blog- it's not my area of expertise. Many of you




me after this


asking about my hairstyle. Most of the time I leave my hair au natural. Lately, I've been mixing it up and adding a curl to it. Here is a quick tutorial on how to style the look and perhaps a video will be on the way soon. I hope this is helpful and let me know what your hair tips are.


curling wand

, TreSemmé

dry shampoo


heat protecter

, Fekkai

beach spray

, dryBar



Apply heat protecter throughout the hair, focusing on the ends and scalp. Heat your curling wand up to your desired temperature- I usually go to 370 degrees.


Picking a side to start at, wrap your hair around the wand with the tip of the wand pointing downward. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then let the hair release. Focus on the bottom part of your hair so the waves look more beachy. Continue this step around your head.


After you loosely curl the whole head, work on the top sections near the roots. Starting closer to the scalp, curl the hair tighter so that they are more like spirals. It should almost look ridiculous but don't worry.


Once the top is curled, check your head for any missed sections. 


Rake your fingers to break up the curls. If you would like gently brush out the hair as well (I personally don't do use the brush because it frizzes up my hair).


Now you can go two ways; leave your hair down or add a mini topknot. 


Apply dry shampoo to the roots and shake out your hair. This will add some volume and extra texture. Taking a little bit of sea salt spray, spritz some into the palm of your hands and run your fingers through the ends. If you would like to add a little bit of volume; tease the roots and then smooth them out.


Add a little sea salt spray then taking a top section of your hair pulling it back. Twist into a bun and secure with a jaw clip.