Little Treasures

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are having a lovely vacation wherever you are.

2013 is coming very fast, and I decided to share my resolutions with you. Not the, I'll workout more or I'll go to sleep earlier (which is still a goal for me!). Instead, I'm focusing more on the things that I've always wanted to achieve or learn how to do. Leave a comment, telling me your goals for the new year!

1: Become Camera Savvy
I can use a camera just fine, but I would love to be able to use the different settings, and know about shadows and proper lighting. I would also love to use a "vintage" type camera. They seem so fun and they develop such unique pictures.

2: To Take a Cooking Class
I love to bake and cook whenever I can. To learn new recipes and such, a cooking class would be perfect! Have you ever done a cooking class?

3: To Become more Crafty
In this day in age, there are so many interesting and fun DIY projects! Some of my favorites that I am dying to try are from here {my favorite DIY blog, Stripes & Sequins}. I'm a little DIY challenged, so it will be interesting on how my projects turn out in the end.

4: Keep My Closet Organized
I will always be a little messy when it comes to my closet. I just can't help it! I'm going to start small ; pick up my clothes from the floor, fold sweaters nicely, etc. My closet is not that bad, but could always be better.

Keep on Sailing,