It Girl: Paige Railey

Hello! This week' It Girl is very special to me. Paige is an professional sailor. She sails the Laser Radial, and went to the 2012 Oylpmic Games.. Paige has coached me several times, she is an amazing coach and such a funny girl! I am also so happy to have an interview, with this week's It Girl!

Paige's Spread in Teen Vogue with Sperry Top Sider

Sloane: When you are not sailing, what do you wear often? How do you describe the way you dress?

Paige:My mother always said to me that I am an athlete and I compete in a mans world, but it is very important to look like a lady. I wear dresses and heels a lot.  When I was younger I was allowed to wear shorts/pants 1 day a week. All of the other days I had to wear dresses or skirts.  I like retro looking clothes, but also the latest fashions. I wear it all, but I like to put a little bit of edge to my look. Right now, I am wearing a hippy looking dress, with a black blazer, black ankle boots, and cool jewelry. 

S: When you are on the water, do you bring your style, on the water, if so how?

P:I wish I could! But I am stuck wearing my typical sailing gear. I will try to make it fun by having my nails painted and wearing some crazy color zinc.

S: How do you keen your skin protected on  and off the water?

P:I am very very very crazy about my skin. I have cancerous spots on my lips and have already had 2 cryosurgery procedures on them. You treat your skin completely different after a doctor tells you that you could lose your lips one day if you don't change your habits. When I am out in the sun I wear baby mineral cream. It is very thick and it leaves me looking like a geisha. BUT, it protects my skin from the damages of the sun. 

For everyday use I wear a face cream that has SPF 25 in it.  So there's hydration and protection.

S: What influence's your style?

P: I love the website and I read all of the fashion magazines. My mom has also had a major influence in my fashion. She was this really cool hippy chick back in the day and gives me all of her old clothes and jewelry. 

Paige and Zach Railey

To learn more about Paige visit her website, here.
For those who wonder about the sailing aspect in of my blog, here it is. (:

Keep on Sailing,

Edward Linsmier, Teen Vogue