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Best of NYFW

Best of NYFW

Out of the core four of fashion month, New York has always been a runner up to my all-time favorite: London-town. Except, things shifted for the better this season. I was pleasantly surprised to see many designers revert to a classic route with a collegiate feel and a nod to the rock and roll scene of the 70s. I happen to determine my winners of the season but what watches by on social media. So without further ado, the results are in. 

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South of France meets South America

If my adoration for all things French could not be proclaimed enough, enter long-time favorite Vanessa Bruno. Her infamous sequin tote took over the street of Europe back in 2011, and entered  my wardrobe as well. Ever since those days, I've been lusting over every piece that is shown during Paris Fashion Week, or on Net-A-Porter if we are being serious here. 

Bruno's latest collection emphasizes the colours and patterns of South-American whilst still maintaining the tried & true relaxed style she has mastered. The collection is about anything and everything that you'd want to pack for your next summer holiday to the South of France or the tropics. Bruno, in fact, whilst designing wanted each piece to be packable without sacrificing style. 

Parisian flair was reinforced with grosgrain detailing and laced crochet necklines. It was quite refreshing to see a Spring line that wasn't minimalist or overly norm-core. Floaty dresses in navy pair easy with magenta sandals and bucket bags were embellished with embroidery. Vibrant turquoise jewelry and raffia sandals instantly allowed us to enter vacation mode, but no doubt, can still be applied to city sidewalks. Once again, Bruno delivers an effortless collection with plenty of charm and off the chart chicness that you'll be seeing around Le Club 55 come June.


4 Things That Street Style Taught Me | LFW

Time to play catch up on our street style lessons. Today in class: LFW

1: When in doubt, fringe it out. The more dramatic the better; think bold colour choices and longer lengths. Your end goal is showstopper not western cowboy.

2: Join the cableknit crew. The classic fisherman sweater is making its way through the core four and I'm not mad about it. Update the knitwear with denim shorts and a leather jacket to avoid literal fisherman styling. 

3: Don't roll up the sleeves. Sleeves are looking longer and longer for the upcoming seasons. Uncuff the cuffs and don't be afraid to get them a little dirty. 

4: Dress over trousers for the win. Get the best of both world with this snazzy little combination. 

(shot by Phil Oh for Vogue)



Pardon moi, as this post is slightly delayed due to an influx of homework and a lack of sleep.

Every season, I try to avoid playing favorites when it comes to fashion weeks(s), but alas I can't help myself. To much of my dismay, I found New York lacking in the overall "wow" factor this year.   Of course, there is the classic showstoppers a la DVF, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Wang, and so on... yet, as the industry packed up and schlepped on to London (my favorite of the core four), I was left pondering where is the excitement that runway used to have in New York?

Anyway, there is still a few silhouettes that made my heart swoon. Altuzzara gave us South of France chic with airy lingerie-inspired pieces paired with laced up linen shoes (guaranteed to be sold out when Summer comes along). Lady-like linen and cropped sweaters gave the Bardot look an updated feel with muted yellow handbags and the clothing did not lack in quintessential cool that Altuzzara oozes. Another favorite of mine was French brand, Lacoste. I'm a fan of Lacoste's minimal and bright take on sportswear that they continued for Spring/Summer. Olympic influences (as Lacoste is the official wear for the French team) are prevalent in the collection, especially as they are displayed in France's respective colors. One of the unique aspects of Baptista's looks were the fragmented national banners of fellow countries, that embellished the bold jumpsuits and jackets. Of course how ironic that my favorite is the head-to-toe navy, but alas never say never to bright red. The creative director ultimately wanted the collection to be about peace and diversity. Claps. The last collection that made me scroll back up on Instagram was Public School. There we are saw the return of the d-ring belt (it's like it never left us), and artful layers that create movement when just standing. Magical stuff, isn't? Blocky sandals kept the clothes youthful and playful without bordering into what I find the  ridiculous category to be. 

In a nutshell, the general trade of ladylike lengths paired with sporty counterparts was displayed in a new way at Lacoste, Public School, and others like A.L.C., Frame Denim, and Tibi. Lacoste receives gold stars for remembering to keep fashion fun and relevant with their Sporty Spice assembles... the France team will look maginfique. And it won't be a NYFW post without mentioning Givenchy. To put it best, the clothes are too beautiful for words. 

We will regroup in the Spring once these collections hit stores, and ehem, Zara. 

4 Things Street Style Taught Me | NYFW

One of the series that happens around here is what I like to call street style school or the title you read above. Through the eyes of my favorite street style photographer, Tommy Ton, we bounce from New York, all the way to Pareeee, learning key lessons in life...erm something like that. And what better way to polish up our sartorial academia than starting with NYFW?

Let us commence class. 

Lesson 1: Pull a button down switcharoo

Camille  shows how a different take on the classic button down can turn sexy in a matter of seconds with the help of a higher knot around the waist. To avoid looking schoolgirl turned bad, don't pull a Britney Spears and pair with a short skirt. Instead, denim does the trick. Another way to style this season's staple? Literally turn the top around (don't look at me like that!) I've down this with countless cardigans and I can guarantee (with my clairvoyant ways) that you'll be seeing this look on a screen soon.

Lesson 2: Barbie Pink

Back in the good ole days of 2006, I loved pink more than High School Musical. Then, it took a sad, sad, turn... adios pinko. Well, you see, that love has returned in the form of baby pink. It isn't for the pink ladies anymore or just the girlie girls. Take note above.

Lesson 3: Burnt Sienna

Confession time....Before, I learnt what this color was actually called, I'd refer to it as "a pumpkin that is darker than a orange, but not like ugly". Descriptive, no? For someone who tends to wear tons of neutrals, the return of burnt sienna is music to my ears. Either make it dramatic with a high neck top a la street style or wear it like a normal person. Whatever floats your boat.

Lesson 4: Ruffles Catch the Eye

What I always find fascinating season after season, is that fact that people dress to be photographed. Let us reminisce on the days when everyone wore black to the shows. Now? It's a circus for fashion. If you'd care to be snapped by Tommy and the gang, ruffles and movement and  anything that screams look at me does the trick. Don't take this for me hating on ruffles.... Reformation turned me back onto them after coming out with those chic-beyond- words two piece sets (worn above)


*All photos by Tommy Ton.


Educate yourself

Fresh Breath from Ganni

Season after season, I'm always giddy  during the time of Copenhagen Fashion Week. I've professed my love for Scandi designers in the past, especially Ganni. For Spring '16, Ganni shows a more relaxed vibe than some of their past collections. This season was inspired by Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet and the youthful vibrant energy displayed in the classic revival's cinematography. 

The collection focuses on unique shapes and color combinations whilst still feeling clean and simplistic. With minimalism taking over everything from the runway to our social media feeds, it becomes repetitive and boring. Praise to Ganni brings a much needed change of pace.