Forward | 2016 Wrap-Up

I learned

+ That self-love and self-trust come before anything else. If you are unable to love yourself, you cannot give your own love to anyone else fully and authentically. Trusting your mind and heart is challenging and failures are bound to happen, but realizing that your own trust is more important than others is pretty empowering.

+ Be grateful for the supportive people in your life and never feel guilty or bad for asking for help. Vulernablilty isn't weak. 

+ Your body is a temple. Take care of it. Eat well and work out often. But, also take care of your mind and soul. Treat others well, educate yourself, and grow. Mental health is irreplaceable. 

+ Realize that you have many soulmates. Not every single one of them is romantically related, but a deep connection with certain people happens for a reason. And some of these people will fall out of your life, but understand and appreciate what they bring to you when they are present.

+ Spend time alone. Enjoy your own company, whether it is reading, watching a movie, listening to music, or just reflecting.

+ Get outside more. Run. Walk. Bike. Sit. Pause and watch the sunset. Take the headphones out and listen to nature's own soundtrack. Remember the little moments because in the end, they will overpower the big ones. 

I Wore

+ Gucci loafers


+ Loads of denim

+ Realisation Par dresses

I listened

+ Over 40,000 minutes of 2016 was spent listening to music on my Spotify account alone, so it is safe to say that music holds a special place in my life. Playlists were created and here are my favorites. Be sure to follow my account to keep up with my current listenings (like my first playlist of 2017)

+ Nostalgia

+ The Soundtrack I, The Soundtrack II, and The Soundtrack III

+ Autumn Twenty Sixteen

+ Summer Tunes

I visited

+ Clearwater, Florida

+ Anguilla, BVI

+ Rhode Island // Newport, Providence, & Block Island


+ The Hamptons

+ Seattle, Washington


+ Mentor, Ohio


+ Miami, Florida 

I wish (for 2017)

+ To try my best to live in the moment and immerse myself fully with who I am around and what I am doing. 

+ To read the endless stack of books I have accumulated over time 

+ To cut down on the time I spend on phone

+ To use my voice to help others and spread awareness about issues I feel strongly about

xx, sloane