July Moodboard & Mixtape

So much blush happening here. Ever since that sneaker little Reformation dress snuck it's way into my wardrobe, I've fallen hard for the color and craving the semi-sweet colour. I just purchased this Messy Heads t-shirt to go with my denim collection... guess what colour it is? 
Ding-ding! You're right. 

Blush. That's all I'm about. Also, my summer style icon is currently Ali McGraw. Note that I'm specifically highlighting her summery outfits in the sob-inducing movie, Love Story. So much 70s prep. 

For the mixtape, Kanye's BEST album (that's a fact, not a opinion), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has become the most played on my Spotify account. The main reason for this occurrence is that the album is my pre-sailing playlist. I'd like to note that "Lost in the World" is a highly underrated song, and you should all go listen to it right this moment. You're welcome.