Sailor Does Staples: The Summer Uniform

Hello, long time, no talk. I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the planet the past week. I was in the middle of nowhere... sorry, I meant Ohio... for a sailing regatta. The service and WiFi was so so spotty that I didn't even check Instagram more than once. 

With that little life update, I am back with a new installment of Sailor Does Staples focusing on my two summer, sartorial staples (wowza, that's a mouthful): the denim skirt and the knit top. 

I have quite the backstory on my denim skirt ventures. I ordered a denim skirt (this one to be exact) from Asos, way back when in April. After the skirt failed to show up for several weeks, I reached out to Asos support (side note: they are very understanding and great at their job, so claps Asos). To sum up the story, UPS lost the package somewhere in customs and I ended up being refunded for the skirt. What a anti-climatic ending... 

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to Reformation during a lunch break.  Lo and behold, I fell in love with their denim skirt that rivals the pricey and legendary Vetements one. 



The Look: Reformation skirt, Zara top, J.Crew sunglasses, K.Jacques shoes