June Moodboard & Mixtape

June is an odd month. Simply because it is a weird limbo period between Spring and Summer. The weather does not know what is up, hence my outfits are all over the place. The beginning of June (at least for me) brings a new wave of excitement, in correlation to the start of summer and the end of exams. Yet, like the state of California, I enter my own "June Gloom". I think the awkward limbo period is the reasoning behind my self-proclaimed "June Gloom". I've figured the best use of time during the in between stage is to reintroduce the summer state of mind ("order") to my life. I have found that the best ways to do this are the following: 

wake up early, workout outside, organize your living quarters, answer long-awaited emails, order your summer reading now, go vintage shopping, spend time with friends, catch up on your favorite shows, journal, work at your favorite coffee shop or cafe, plan a day trip, organize your calendar.

The Moodboard

All I'm about right now is an 80s prep and 70s surfer chick love child. My vintage Lacoste polos have been brought out of storage, but will be paired with frayed denim skirts, instead of tennis white. My old school vans have taken the lead to my Stans, and oversized cable knits paired with crochet is a match made in heaven. What else? Clean lines with neutral colors and the resurrection of solid t-shirts. Dreamy. 

The Mixtape

Like always, a weird jumble fumble of tunes. I'd like to highlight one band though, Lawrence. After hearing the Brown Alum band play during Campus Dance, I have been listening to their new album on repeat. My favorite is one of their original songs, "Homesick" and their "Toxic" cover is everything.