How To: Weekend Trip

Weekend trips. The symbolism of summertime. Everyone is doing them; from Hamptons jaunts to roadtrips up and down the Eastern seaboard. For those on the West Coast, it is the same deal… Malibu,San Fran, Lake Tahoe, you get the drift. With three different sailing events in three separate venues over the next few weekends, I like to think I’ve acquired a fair amount of weekend trip skills. With not a Saturday home till middle of July, I thought it was fit to share my best advice for efficient packing when it comes to weekend trips. 

There is a reason behind why bags are dubbed as weekenders. Weekend trips require 1 bag.  That is all. A (really) good trips acquires nada. Jokes, but the mantra of less is more could not apply better than here.


My quick trip sartorial collection involves the following pieces:


+ Denim shorts

+ Oversized cable knit

+ Easy dress

+ Jeans

+ Denim jacket

+ White t-shirt, black or navy tank top

+ Sneakers



From this list, you’d be surprised how many outfits one can throw together. Per example, when I was in Newport earlier in the month, I forgot to pack pants except for worn sweats. If you know anything about Newport, is that the weather is insanely unpredictable. Freezing and raining to sunny and seventy in the switch of a button. So, to forget to pack pants is asking to freeze to the bone come nighttime.


What did I wear? WELL, this outfit. The sweater is a god send, and I almost didn’t bring it. When thrown over shorts, dresses, and skirts, it became my portable blanket. The best part is? It looked good, when all I was concerned about was being warm. 


Of course, my list should be altered for your own style, agenda, location. Every weekend trip is prone to overpacking, so take out one or two things and save some room for shopping. You’ll thank me. 


You need a bag, don’t you?

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