Sailor Does Staples: Tri-Fecta

Greeting you with another installment of Sailor Does Staples, this particular look is a mega SDS with the trifecta of  sneakers, shorts, and blazer. For the sneakers, I'm switching from my poor beaten Stan Smiths to the old school style Vans. The retro vibe of these cream sneakers is something a little more quirky and playful than the average run-of-the-mill kick.  

The shorts and blazer combination has resurrected from the deep, dark back of my closet after finding a picture of Alexa Chung circa 2012. The blazer itself, is borrowed from my mom's closet AKA the best store. Since it is a little bit bigger, it hits the nail on the head with the boy meets girl vibe. Liz Lemon said it best, "sometimes a lady like to leave her blazer on".

Oh, and the denim shorts? Well, I've worn them enough to know how a great pair of denim shorts is truly a lease of life. Show off those stems, ladies. You never know who you'll see this summer.

Post #sailordoesstaples tri-fecta edition, I hope you've come to realize that a) off-white is better than white, b) the blazer is not dead, and c) you must evaluate your sartorial standing, if you don't own the perfect pair of denim shorts.

The Look: Stella McCartney blazer, Levi's shorts, Reformation t-shirt, Vans sneakers


Photos by Daniela Spector