Inspiration Wheel

Hello, hello. It’s been a week since I’ve last spoken to you. It’s currently Friday afternoon - hey,  I write my posts in advance- and I have just woken up. Ha. I wasn’t out of the town till the wee hours of the morning, but instead graced with the gift of an 8 am English exam. Now let me tell you, exams take all energy out of you…

Enough of my mid-afternoon snooze courtesy of writing for two hours straight.  Despite being in the midst of final exam week, my inspiration wheels are churning at a specially fast rate. The reasoning behind this? Several things: my working mojo is back in motion,  I’m starting my internship in two weeks, summer is on the horizion, and podcasts. Did the last one throw a curve ball at you? Keep reading. 


Time to break it down. If you’d please, 90s hip-hop is a great companion.

Work Mojo: Sailor Does Staples will be in full swing starting soon after this mini-hiatus. I’m going to be weekly vlogging starting this weekend, and regular outfit posts will be heavy rotation once again. If you haven’t notice, content has been a little scattered simply becau the blog has taken a back seat with school, and I promise that will be ending this week. Get ready for all the stellar material coming to a screen near you. 

Internship: Aha, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be interning at Fohr Card this summer. Somehow, I have kept this under wraps since January, up until finalizing everything last week. I am officially starting the begining of June, but will be working at Thursday’s Fohr U event, so maybe I’ll see some of you NYC bloggers there. If you aren't based in NYC, the event will be live streamed on Facebook, so be sure to like Fohr Card.

Summer: Epic times ahead. ‘Nuff said. West Coast, Europe, Shelter Island.... 

Podcasts: I’ve been listening to Man Repeller’s several podcasts in lieu of music whilst tanning, reading, working, etc. The monocycle one, by Leandra herself, instantly provides me with inspiration and is a solid spirit booster. Does anyone else have some podcast suggestions? 


The Look: Nasty Gal top and skirt, Ray Ban sunglasses

The notes: Yes, I did but these pieces together with the strong intention to wear them together. No shame.

Photos by Daniela Spector