Digital Disappearance

I've come to realize that four days sans blogging is equal to a century in the digital world. Finally wrapping up my Anguillan adventures earlier this week, I'm  able to get back to somewhat of a normal blogging schedule. Well, I'd be damned. May is in roughly a week, and this amazingly beautiful thing, called Final Exams, is dawning upon me. As much I would love have blogging take the main role in my life's production, no can do mon cheri. School is cool. *thumbs up*

Still, I'll try my best to return to my 3x routine with plenty of new get-ups, videos, and other spiffy posts. 

Don't peace out just yet! In addition to my hectic life of being a student, blogger, sailor, and a somewhat sane person, a few cool things happened to me in the digi-world. This girl, I, was featured on the J.Crew instagram. Um, que? Honestly, I still haven't gotten over it. My friends over at both Roberta Roller Rabbit and Stubbs & Wootton shared the Insta-love

The interwebs is some place, huh?

At this point, you're probably asking me to shut up through the screen, so here are some interesting finds instead.

+ Jeanne Damas launched her clothing line, Rouje, this week. J'adore x 100. 

+ Reformation (my one & only sartorial love) had this dress in stock. I purchased it on a whim (aka asking way too many people, if they like the white or pink)

+ These shoes and this dress are on my Summer "NEED TO BUY LIST". You're welcome for the shopping advice in advance.

+ Closet purging is my speciality. See it all on Depop and Poshmark

Wearing: AYR button shirt, The Vintage Twin jeans, Zara flats