☆ in my eyes x ☆ in my heart x ☆ on my dress

I'm a sucker for those pieces that really reshape your wardrobe and give it a good dose of TLC. 

I first mentioned Réalisation Par when I confessed a love for their perfectly curated collection of silky dresses, tops, and other super separates. Well, that love affair took a quick turn down forever & always road. 

With both the navy and red Diane dress holding court in my closet, I doubt I'll be wearing any other dresses- except for new Réalisation Par pieces- for a very long time. The thing is, a killer dress makes you feel confident, comfortable, flirty, cool, and smiggen sexy all at the same time. As soon as I slip on one of my well beloved star dresses, I ultimately feel as if I turn into one of those coveted cool girls/ all-around babe (like the founders, Alexandra and Teale). And we all know it's a serious gem when shoes are side swiped. 


Stars in my eyes, stars in my heart, and stars on my dress.

Triple threat is strong and alive.


I also truly hope you adore Réalisation Par as much I do or at least tolerate it, because I can guarantee from the bottom of my love stricken black soul, that you'll be seeing plenty of the collection in the future. 

And I promise that this isn't some April Fools Joke. 

Dress: Réalisation Par