Pirates x Faithfull

Sometimes you strike the bullseye and sometimes, well you don't.  I can think of many cases where this can be applied in a serious matter, but for the sake of a lighthearted Wednesday post, I have the ideal example.

I made a Pirates of the Caribbean reference on Instagram, and I'm nearly 100% sure no one got it. Oops, no bullseye there.

As a self-proclaimed Faithfull fanatic, who's summer wardrobe revolves around their simplistic bohemian pieces, no doubt I had to bring my favorite tunic along with me to the ocean side. The reasoning behind my Instagram "joke" was that this blouse gives me serious Jack Sparrow vibes, if the infamous and bloody awfully awesome pirate was a 70s hippie. Now, that is something wrap your head around. 


Prefer a city styling? Look how I sported my Pirate-esque top on concrete.

Blouse: Faithfull the Brand (similar here), Sandals: Madewell (under $70), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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