With the Wind

I wore my denim cutoffs once during my whole entire trip. On the way home. The thing is, I was genuinely surprised that I didn't reach for them more, since they're practically superglued to my body during the summer. Instead, I went with girly coverups, floaty tops and dresses, which is at the opposite end of the spectrum than what I normally dig. Spring(ing) on the change? Ha.

Roberta Roller Rabbit is my go-to for those girly and billowy tunics. I wouldn't neccesarily sport this top anywhere other than of the beach, since the fit is well, quite billowy. Add wind into the question, you my friend, become one with nature. Instead, one of their little dresses or more structured tops work sans sea. 

Roberta Roller Rabbit tunic, Solid & Striped swimsuit (underneath), J.Crew sunglasses