Come to Inspire

I posted a little something on my Instagram yesterday regarding inspiration and how the creative process is the biggest rollercoaster ride to exist. To avoid sounding redundant, here it is. 

"I've struggled with the words to describe how I'm feeling lately when it comes to my blog and social media. When I started my blog three years ago, I would have killed to become a full-time blogger. Now, not so much. Yet that doesn't mean I want this place to not grow and change. As a teenager, I've been focused on school and other parts of my life lately and not going to lie, my blog has been neglected. I've felt uninspired and bored and I feel like it's been showing through some of my content. That's why I have been posting less because what I put out there, I want it to be worth your time to read and enjoy. In correlation to that, I feel that I'm struggling to find my voice here on Instagram. As this space is mine, I want it to be as real and authentic as possible. By keeping it separate than other aspects of my life, it has taken on its own persona and I'm trying to break that barrier down. I'm striving to make this place and my blog as honest as possible. I'm beginning to feel inspired again. And I want that to show in some of the projects that I begin to do, like building my YouTube channel and creating unique and real content on all social media outlets. So are you ready for that? 


Watch this space. And this one. o, and this one too. Get ready for epic things and like always, thank you for following along. It's a tough journey but an incredibly rewarding one that I'm lucky to be a part of. Make magic happen. Whatever you'd like to call it. Lastly, please comment of what you want to read. 

Hold up, I'm not done yet. 

I hope that these posts aren't boring for you, but that they inspire you and provide a spark of passion and creativity. Now, let's rock and roll.