February Playlist

Happy February. 100% I'm a day (or two)  late on ringing in the shortest & fastest month, but I digress on my inability to plan posts out on time... blame it on the school work. 

As you learnt in the post, music is the gateway to my soul. Care to see how I'm vibing at the moment? Listen here... and interpret as you'd like.

Most of this playlist is a collection of new songs that I really connected with...like She Bangs the Drums and the lol-inducing 1980. 


Hey Jealousy  | Gin Blossoms  

She Bangs the Drums | The Stone Roses

1980 | Rehab, Steaknife

Girl From Mars | Ash

I Melt With You | Modern English

Flagpole Sitta | Harvey Danger

Bitter Sweet Symphony | The Verve 

Save it For Later | The English Beat

Common People | Pulp 

Wildfire | Seafret

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. | Noah And The Whale