Get it together | WORDS

To be completely honest, I've felt as if my brain has been scattered all over the place as of late. Right after my sailing regatta, I jumped into a week of minimal sleep, a heavy stack of school work, in addition to blogging business. And I hope you understand why there has been such little posts lately- I'm lucky if I make it to bed in one piece. I'm way too grateful that coffee exists. Way too grateful for that Dunkin Donuts. 


Anyway, I can only assume that you all have experienced some time of this overwhelming stress of attempting to cramp everything and anything into a mere 24 hours, plus with the intention to get some ZZZ time.  I made it through last week, and like to think that I've been managing my time better at the moment. Emphasis on the "to think" aspect, as for all I know I can seem as if I'm batshit crazy to others.

In order to help spark some creativity and motivation for you, see my best words of wisdom.


+ Always have a goal

Every Sunday night, I write out my goals for the week in a notebook. It sounds silly, but there is NOTHING better than crossing out each item come the following Sunday. They don't have to be anything big, but small goals are easier to achieve on a weekly basis. It also provides some simple motivation, so that you'll be constantly working towards something- no matter what it is. 

+ Get some sleep & give yourself a break

Please, please, please. Go to bed. Your parents are not kidding. I (shamelessly) binged watched The Vampire Diaries all weekend and come Monday morning, I was looking like one. When cramming for a test, banging out a paper, or just being plain busy, give yourself some breaks... hot shower, vegan pancakes for dinner, or catching up on YouTube videos... it gives you the chance to chill out. 

+ Write it down and type it out

I routinely switch between an agenda, iCal, notes, and several notebooks. You'll be less prone to forget anything of importance if you shove it in your face on both your technology and etc. all the time. 

+ Organize your weekends

For those in school, unless you actually plan on doing your work on a Friday night, don't make any false promises to yourself. Know how you operate and be sure to set time away to recharge and let loose, but also be productive. Ugh, I know, it's stressful just planning it out. 

+ Pop on a playlist 

I work very well listening to music- check out my master playlist of all my favorites & more- so I'm always playing something. Jam sessions in the shower, essay writing, or at the gym, music is a great way to help get your nose down and work or to unwind.