Out At The End | Montauk


On Sunday, the fam and I made a day-trip out to Montauk. It's been eons since I was last there... I was maybe 8 or 9, give or take a few. From what I can recall about my first trip out to the end is all good and grand things: pristine beaches, rocky edges, and a relaxed nature about the beach town. Since then, Montauk has turned into a summer hub for stylish New Yorkers since The Surf Lodge, (new & improved) Gurney's, and other hipster places opened for business. During the summer, I can assure you that Montauk isn't exactly my vibe- I much prefer it in the winter due to my affinity for visiting seaside towns in the off-season.

I genuinely fell in love with Montauk. It was quiet, untouched, and retained it's known reputation of a surfer and beach bum haven. Locals were out surfing early in the morning and the few coffeeshops and diners were bustling. I truly find it fascinating how certain people can click with places. Ask my family: I was legitimately on a high from being out there. Still pondering if that is normal/socially a-okay, but goes to show you how much we are effected by our environment. As much I love bustling cities, nothing leaves me more refreshed and renewed than a dosage of the best medicine. Further confirming my rule that salt water and some fresh air is a million times better than _____. [endless options can go there]

I plan on returning as soon as I have a free moment. April? 

Oh, and I also found my dream home. Shingles. Mint door. 10 feet from the beach.
Where do I sign up?