Festive Footnotes ✮ Gabi Mulder

For more of Gabi, you can follow her on Instagram or visit her blog, Oak & Bone. 

Name: Gabi Mulder // @gabimulder

Location: Bryon Bay, Australia 


Gift List: Flights to New York for my best friend who lives in London, to show up at my door, paragliding tickets, a road trip to the centre of Australia, and flights to the Maldives. 

For the last festive footnotes, here is my dear, dear Aussie friend, Gabi Mulder. If you recall, I met Gabi back in October and we shot these beautiful photos together during a classic New York morning in Central Park. Gabi has since returned back to her home-base of Bryon Bay, but still gives me endless incredible and thoughtful advice over a few thousand miles... the power of Facebook Messenger! (-;

Gabi's photography is the perfect mix of dreamy and adventurous, making you feel that you're right there as she snaps away, whether it be on a secluded beach in Australia, a vegan cafe in Brooklyn (she is vegan as well!), or an early morning up in the mountains.

Festive Attire of Choice: swimwear with an oversized, white button-up over the top. Aussie summer attire.

drink of choice: a mango smoothie

Activity of Choice: Ocean swims

White or Sandy Christmas: Sandy (of course!)


Favorite holiday song: I hear those Sleigh bells

Favorite holiday movie: Elf!

Favorite holiday tradition: Playing board hames with my family by the pool, after a big christmas lunch.

Favorite holiday memory: two years ago, i spent christmas at my friend's lake house in the south of france. it was my first ever experience of a white christmas so that will always remain super special.(-: