Festive Footnotes ✮ Lilli Van Hall

we have three more installments of f-squared to go, so we are really in crunch time as christmas rolls around. for the beginning of the end, we have Miss Lilli VanHall today. Lilli is a ModelFit instructor, writes a blog called HappyGoLilli, and is stunning  inside and out. I met Lilli over the summer when I developed a true, but healthy, addiction to her ModelFit class on Thursdays at 6.30. Ever since then, I've been following Lilli over social media and she radiates happiness through each and every post (which is hard to do these days), plus gives plenty of #hashtag athleisure inspo. 

be sure to follow Lilli here and check out the past Festive Footnotes. 

Name: Lilli Van Hall // @lillivanhall

Location: New York City / Los Angeles 

Dream Gift: quality time with the people I love

Best Unconventional Gift: Moon Juice in New York

Gift list: I'm not overly into Gifts, I prefer time spent with my family & showing my gratitude to having everyone healthy. 

Favorite holiday song: favorite things from sound of music 

Favorite holiday movie: Home Alone 

Favorite holiday tradition: Cooking with my mother & learning about how family history 

Favorite memory: I always love dinner at my grandparents place in Rye, NY

Festive attire: grey cashmere sweater 

Drink of Choice: water ! 

Activity of choice: I love the outdoors, so a nice hike ! 

White or Sandy Christmas: either! Usually white