Unconventional Gifts | n.2

Here is a list of gift ideas that require little online shopping, and a nice dosage of creativity provided by yours truly. Happy gifting! 

Need a few more ideas, check out last year's post. 

>> A classic concert for your parents, or best friend? Head to bandsintown.com for a list of concerts in your area

>> A travel basket full of goods from the reciever's favorite place. Korean beauty products? English candy? French clothing? What about including a plane ticket for a jaw-dropping surprise..

>> R-eprocess old film photos into a digital disc for parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles

>> On the contrary, a film camera is great for anyone who is constantly taking photos.

>> What about purchasing an old issue of their favorite magazine? I gave my brother a New Yorker that was published on his birthday back in the 50s. Visit e-bay or etsy.

>> If you are blessed with artistic talent, I think a painting or a work of art is always a win-win

>> If you are gifted chef, what about a mason jar of cookies? Or a cake-in-a-mug? Y-u-m.