Back to Newport, RI


I went out east this weekend for a heavy dosage of fresh air and the ocean- along with a pretty bomb vegan french toast from Babette's. I'll say it to I'm blue in the face, but a change of scenery does wonders for the mind and soul. I am waiting for some film to be developed, but then a full visual diary will be coming soon. 

With junior year coming at me with full force, I am finally catching up on so many overdue posts, beginning with this look from Rhode Island last month. Yesterday, I wore a version of this outfit, simply switching out the black turtleneck for camel and adding some hoop earrings for some sass. And with the talk of holiday on the horizon, it remind me I need to start working on my holiday guide once again. If you would like to jumpstart your holiday spirit, we all need some of it, visit last year's holiday guide! I am in the brainstorming stages for this season's content, so if you would like to see anything specific, I'm all ears. 

Gucci loafers, J.Crew turtleneck, The Vintage Twin denim (also worn here),

Meli Melo bag (on sale!), & Ray-Ban sunglasses