Resolutions • 2016

A year ago, I shared my resolutions for 2015. Before we catapult ourselves into my goals for this year, I thought it would be nice to reflect on my goals from 2015 and if I, uh, resolved, any of them. I attempted to update you all throughout the year with a series called "I Resolve To...", but that came increasingly difficult and I felt as if I was just writing nonsense. Let's jump into it.


2015 Recap 

+ Travel to New Country & State

I didn't make it to new country this year as travel plans didn't work out timing wise, but I did cross off a fair share of states: Maine, New Hampshire, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. That's the (only) perk of road tripping from Florida, trust me. 

+ Memory Jar & GoPro video

I'm so happy I kept up with my memory jar throughout the year. Back on the 31st, I read all the little slips of paper that I tossed in there throughout the 12 months. It was full of big memories and little moments that I otherwise would forget.  I only made one GoPro video this year, but I have created more video content over on YouTube. Speaking of, I actually need to begin editng my Miami vlog soon... guaranteed that I'll be continuing both of these into 2016.

+ Grow & Expand my business 

I worked a lot on refining my brand throughout last year and will continue to for years to come. Some of the highlights were trademarking Sailing the Sea of Style, traveling to Maine with Lark Hotels, creating my extensive travel guide, sharing monthly playlists, discussing other topics surrounding the fashion industry, and publishing a holiday guide e-book. Some of my favorite posts from each month include:

January: Florals | Winter , I Want To Go To There: Kauai  February: Gimme Ganni, Unpublished | FL March: Redefine, Blowin' in the Wind April: 70s Meets St.Barths , Sailor's Travels | St.Barths May: Refresh Button , Face-Time | Beauty Bag June: Cobalt x Kicks , In Defense of the Uniform July: Summer Whites , Tides Are Turning August: Favorites Video, Sailor Travels | Camden, ME September: Sailor Does Staples, NYFW SS 2016 | Best Of October: Live A Real Life, Sixteen November: Lady Liberty, Wonderful Time of the Year December: Sailor Does Staples | The List, The Decline of the Dot Com

+ Live Bold

I touched upon this a little bit in my 2015 reflection (read it here), but I found that living bold has a direct correlation to personal growth and working on your relationship with yourself. I didn't notice myself becoming a "bolder" person as it was happening, instead I see both the little and big changes that contributed to growth now that I'm reflecting about it. 

+ Train harder for sailing 

Joining a gym was one of the best choices I made both mentally and physically. My strength and endurance levels from my first regatta of 2015 (in February) compared to Orange Bowl last month are astonishing. Another big health related change that occurred was my transition to veganism. At the beginning of the 2015, I cut out processed food and sugar from my diet which was big for me; a natural born sweets addict. Two months later, I cut out dairy products as I found out that I was allergic to lactose. I have't discussed my choice to switch to veganism much here as it is something I would like to keep of the internet, since it is personal choice and one that many like to debate about. But I will reveal a little bit... I chose to go vegan after watching two documentaries: Cowspiracy and Fork over Knives along with a handful of Ted Talks and speeches. It really opened my eyes to an industry that has had a curtain over it for many years. I've never felt better and I have noticed a tremendous difference in my energy and performance in both the gym and on the race course. 

+ Only buy pieces that I truly love

To be 100% honest, I didn't really follow up with goal until I began my series, "Sailor Does Staples" in late August. I'd recommend reading my post summarizing my fall series where I explain my thought process on buying investment pieces instead of high street after high street. 


2016 Resolutions 

+ Say "I don't know" more

At last year's Brown commencement, the senior orator speech given by Michelle Bailhe '15, talked about the concept of "I don't know". Her speech really resonated with me after I watched it over the summer. As I was thinking of my goals for this year, I immediately thought of her speech and deciding to hesitate saying, "I don't know". This is will be the challenge of 2016 as I'm a stubborn person in and out, and nothing drives me crazier than someone proving me wrong.  Do I know how this one is going to pan out? Nope, I don't know.

+ Don't force things

I like to think this is the "live bold" version of 2016. It also correlates with my previous statement of saying "I don't know". We often forget to acknowledge that everything happens for a reason and if we have to try super hard to make something feel right, then odds are it's not worth it.

+ Add health & fitness content

I've dabbled in some fitness and recipes posts, but this year I'd like to commit to them and incorporate them regularly. Get ready for some delicious vegan foods, cute and functional workout gear, and anything else that I think of along the way. 

+ Learn to play the ukulele & shoot with film

Each year, I like to set some fun goals of learning/trying something new. This year, I plan to learn how to play the ukulele... random, but how fun would that be? *just quirky things* Lately, I've been shooting tons of photos on disposable Kodak cameras and would love to invest in a proper film camera. Any recommendations would be greatly welcomed.


Let's get ready for 2016! XO