3-Way, Denim-Way

Once upon a time, in a land dark and haunting, I never wore denim. A girl, me, owned one pair of jeans and no denim anything.

How the times have changed. Denim-a-holic, denim addict, jean obsessed, choose the title. Each different style has stood the test of time through fashion, but the biggest comeback kid of all is the anti-flattery, flattering pair. The mom. The model-off-duty. The cool kid. Yup, that pair. 

Since my shopping experiment back in the fall, I've been cautious of impulsive card-swiping that often leads to re-selling in a week or less. High street or high end, it always happens when you let your sartorial feelings take over any rational thought. With a closet bustling at the seams, I'm even more careful to not purchase stripes and denim

Want to guess how long that has lasted? 


Since my denim obsession came into fruition, I've collected the holy grail of black denim, skinny, ripped, and boyfriend. But, the poor straight-leg, high-waisted, darkwash denim of my dreams wasn't found yet. Like clockwork, I stumbled upon this dream of a pair at, you guessed it, Reformation. They're a repurposed vintage Levi 501s... essentially, my dreams jeans are the OG of the dream jeans. 

They've blossomed into my wardrobe's superstar and have been worn more times that I'd care to admit. To celebrate the forthcoming of my dream jeans, a little denim three-way will be coming your way over the next three weeks. 1 killer denim, three (& beyond) ways to wear it. 

Don't worry, I'll be showing a little denim soon enough. 

Jeans: Reformation, Jacket: Vintage Levi (similar), Turtleneck: Asos (worn here), Boots: Asos, Scarf: J.Crew, Bag: Angela Roi, Ring: Asha

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs