La Columbe | TriBeCa


I'm slightly embarrassed- as I am a self-deemed coffee aficionado- that it's taken me this long to discover La Colombe. I have a good friend who lives right around the corner from the coffeeshop, who swears by their almond milk latte. Considering it's my favorite drink... by favorite, I mean every.single. morning. Sometimes I add an extra espresso shot, just to make sure I make it to evening. 

Any who, instead of discussing my habitual coffee habits, let's return back to this gem. 

There are three locations in NYC, but I'm partial to the TriBeCa location (considering it's the only one I've been too). Most people of the interwebs also seem to agree it's the best, and the internet never lies (jokes, jokes) soo....

 It's especially quiet during early mornings, so have your coffee to stay. Want to know why? The mugs are 100% worth taking a moment out of your day. Oh, of course to 'gram it. 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs