The Great Tights Debate

Living in the Northeast, you'd assume that I wear tights quite frequently. Nope, I've never been able to get "tight" with my tights. Ha. 

Odds are, I sport them maybe three times per year. And that's a stretch. Options are scarce in my tights drawer- we have the uber warm fleece pair that are worn under pants more than with a dress/skirt. Then, we have the random navy pair, which have been worn.. once? Then the sheer player, which I just cannot get behind without feeling like I've stepped out of 50s meets Coven show. Honestly, I normally just surrender to pants during the winter. But, then that just gets reeeallly boring come late January... see, just on time! And I start gravitating towards dresses and skirts. 

Which brings us to...

The debate.

Tights or no tights?

My rule is if it below 30*, then yay to the tights; above psh, forget it. I also may have a high tolerance to cold weather, so take that into (high) consideration when applying my rule. Another reason I'm pro-no-tights, is that it generally looks cooler, or is that just me convincing myself that bare legs work all the time? 

 I'd also recommend a pair of over the knee boots as they act as a two-in-one. Just sayin'. 

To also beat winter dressing boredom, whip out the summer dresses. Like this Reformation number. Pop on a turtleneck under and hit the streets without looking seasonally confused. 

Dress: The Reformation, Coat: Mango, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc

Tights or nah?