Soul to Music | Music to Soul

To see my soul... just find out what music I'm listening to.



My urge for exploration and emotional depth has reached an all time high. I'm antsy. Searching for something new and looking to discover a hidden secret. Itching for answers through sounds, words, images... begging to break out of this state of limbo. I feel trapped. It isn't a box, but a wall that follows me around. One step forward, two steps back. I can feel the thoughts racking my brain, asking me to translate them to paper. I do. Or at least, I try. 

But then the music begins. It provides an emotional release to frustrated feelings. It allows exploration when you are driving, sleeping, drifting, moving, stopping, watching, preparing. It is the anticipation of the drop, when the secrets and treasures finally are in your hand. Through music, you find the energy to break through the wall, and into a new state. One where it is constantly stepping forward. The emotions follow. But they are explosive. Feelings. The excitement of adventure runs through my veins, the itch doesn't need to be scratched anymore. The vibrations find my heart.  My soul is free. Wandering aimlessly amongst others. Walking to the beat of the sounds blasting through headphones. The tempo quickens. The beat drops. The pace quickens, slows, or remains steady in the chaos. The journey continues. 

Listen. Just be.