4 Things That Street Style Taught Me | LFW

Time to play catch up on our street style lessons. Today in class: LFW

1: When in doubt, fringe it out. The more dramatic the better; think bold colour choices and longer lengths. Your end goal is showstopper not western cowboy.

2: Join the cableknit crew. The classic fisherman sweater is making its way through the core four and I'm not mad about it. Update the knitwear with denim shorts and a leather jacket to avoid literal fisherman styling. 

3: Don't roll up the sleeves. Sleeves are looking longer and longer for the upcoming seasons. Uncuff the cuffs and don't be afraid to get them a little dirty. 

4: Dress over trousers for the win. Get the best of both world with this snazzy little combination. 

(shot by Phil Oh for Vogue)