Life Update

It has been awhile since we've last had a nice little chat. And what better way to do so than on a good 'ole Tuesday (as I presume you are reading it then). I rarely dive into my personal life, but one of the aspects you'd all like to see more of is personal posts and that is what you shall receive. I promised myself not to ramble on about the most randomness nonsense, hence I organised this post accordingly to catch you up on the whats what.


I'll be sixteen in a week, which is bloody insane to me. Was't it just yesterday I was watching High School Musical and singing Hannah Montana in the car? Oh wait, it was. #LOLZ. I always joke about how I'm both a 80 year old and 8 year old at heart... meet in the middle. 

Being a teenager, boys come with the territory. If you know me, I barely never speak about them expect in a few "deep" posts- ideally found under the "life" tab. But, I know many of my readers are in the same (crowded) boat, if you ever need to vent it out- trust me I do, just ask my poor friends- find me in the Tumblr-land. My best advice when it comes to dealing with them? Take anything with a pinch of sarcasm. My success record isn't exactly brilliant, but it makes for hella good stories. 


So many things are happening here. If you take a peak around you'll see a few things have changed. First, content is about to get real good. Yesterday, I launched #sailordoestaples, which is a project I've been working up over the past few months. There is two new features: moodboard & the shop page. My main goals with each new page was to make it a one stop for inspiration and easy online perusing. Oh and I'm back on the book of face. Care to spare a like? 


Sex & The City has been added to Amazon Prime. Please tell me you haven't heard any better news? Once I finish Teen Wolf, you'll find me binge-watching SATC. 

The Fox & She is a great resource for all things blogging related. I spent a good chunk of study break time brushing up on a few skills of mine.