Sailor Does Staples

Wearing: Asos coat, Levi jeans via The Vintage Twin, Vans sneakers

The Coat:



The peacoat is the first essential in S.D.S. Asos quality is top-notch and the price point can't be beat. Or you can make more of an investment like J.Crew.

A while ago, I thought of a unique idea in regards to my fall wardrobe and outfit posts. Sharing my personal style with you all is one of my absolute favorite aspects of this digital space, yet I hate repeating the same looks over and over again for the obvious reasons. 

That leads to my brand-new project: Sailor Does Staples. It all began with a serious closet over-haul that resulting in me coming to the conclusion that I own a whole lot of crap. Post wardrobe clean out, I assessed what I owned, and what I wanted/needed. That list is the focus of Sailor Does Staples. I'm only purchasing 15 new pieces for this season- keep in mind, I've already pulled the trigger on about seven of them. Of course, a few high-street and impulse purchases will pop up here and there, but you still get my main point. 

The importance of building a core wardrobe will not only save you a serious cha-ching, but will also allow you to wear clothes that you feel confident and kick-ass in all the time. 

With this series, you'll be seeing pieces more than once (side note: all I can think about is "outfit-repeater" from The Lizzie McQuire movie) and that's the point. To give you relatable sartorial inspiration in the form of editorial. Over the next two months, I hope to help you build a core wardrobe and embrace your staples. 

To shop each staple, see above. x