Sailor Travel Tips | Mapping London

Oh gollie gosh. Guessed who caught the worse bug of them all?

The travel bug and I have met again. 

I'm beginning to plan a trip to.... drumroll please....Londontown! Chip, chip, cheerio, lets go. The thing is, planning trips for me is quite easy considering I keep a running list of recommendations for practically every place in the world. As I plan this trip across the pond, I'm doing something a little different and using the genius invention known as Google Maps to create a master game plan from what to eat, see, and shop. This isn't my family's first time to the UK, so we have our favorites like The Egerton House Hotel, where I would watch British television into the wee hours of the morning whilst snacking on their incredible crisps (keep in mind, I was under the age of 12). But, we are always keen on trying new things, per example this heavenly restaurant in Shoreditch (Lyle's). 

I created different categories "dining, neighborhoods, museums, and stores" and color coded the tabs to their respective category. To create your own, select new map and start adding places by searching them and then clicking "add to map". Not exactly rocket-science, eh? To create different layers, simply "add layer" and drag the tabs into the new layer. I'm thinking about creating a master guide of all my recommendations around the world... thoughts? In the mean time, do check out Sailor's Travel Guide. 

Of course, any Lonodn recommendations would be so so welcomed- leave a comment below

Before your click away, it would be uber helpful if you could let me know what other travel tips you'd like.

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Photos above by Tec Pateja