Just Do It

Wearing: Nike slides, Anthropologie t-shirt, Jack Wills denim skirt (last worn here), Saint Laurent bag 

Meet perhaps my greatest impulsive purchase of all times: these Nike slides. Let me set the scene here.. I'm walking in Meatpacking wearing those damn Valentino shoes (borrowed from my mother, don't how she wears them all day) and my poor, poor feet are dead. Like a fish on a dock dead. Armed with my debit card, I head into Scoop. 

A bad idea is a bad idea. Take note. 

Swiftly (as I can in those studded shoes) I make my way to the sale section. Nothing really catches my eye except for a pair of K.Jacques. Yet, I don't have the strongest impulse to drop north of a $100 simply because my feet hurt. See, I'm not that crazy. Pulling a Cher, I lap around the store and like a magnet, I'm drawn to the Nikes. $40? Mm.... I can work with that. Truth be told, my initial reaction screamed SHOWER SHOES, but it's like walking on clouds. And I'm game to walk 40 blocks- which I proceeded to do the next day- if I'm walking on cloud-like shoes. Do it?. Did it. 

Shop the look: 

Photography by Becky Siegel