Behind the 'Gram | III

I've done these fake vs. reality posts in the past, and you know me... always looking for a time to poke fun at superficial Instagram. Remember e-friends, life isn't always what it seems, but I try to keep it real. Still, sometimes we do spend that extra bit of time curating the ideal snapshot.

What is looks like: Easy outfit of the day snap after brunching with Gracey. Lucky for us, there was this super cute townhouse that was right around the corner. Winning at life, am I right?

What actually happened: G and I spent maybe 15 mins taking photos here. Not to mention any time a person walked by, we would awkwardly move to one side of the sidewalk. (Gracey also included this in her recent post....)


What it looks like: NYC from the GW bridge / best city in the world / skyline on point 

What actually happened: Why yes, all those above statements are true. But, I was in a moving car taking this photo. And in case you are wondering, it is not an easy task. Keep in mind that the GW bridge has traffic, hence timing was key. Maybe I almost dropped my phone out of the window, maybe I didn't. 


What is looks like: My life is so snazzy that whenever I go for a swim it look likes a professional photo. Look at that glistening water! Look at the floating suit! C'est la vie!

What actually happened: I did go for a swim (in this super cute Solid & Striped suit). But post-swim.... that is when shit went down. After changing into dry clothes, I walked back outside to my pool and tossed my suit in. Carefully positioning the suit, I attempted to not fall in whilst get the "right" shot. Whoever said taking a photo was easy.... 

What is looks like: One of my go-to shots.... #fromwhereistand. Waiting for the train in my Stans! 

What actually happened: This photo is perhaps one of the least embarrassing ones to take, but when you hold your phone out and fake step into a train tack, people are guaranteed to stare. 


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